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  1. Gorjus

    Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014

    Aurora's not in the parade. Snow Prince is missing as well.
  2. Gorjus

    Ariel's new look!

    The people in California make the final decision on both California and Florida performers.
  3. Gorjus

    Osborne Lights

    I'm wondering if someone of you missed the dancing part of the lights. They are synchronized to music and fade in and out and jump around like those cool house videos you see on youtube. And they dance to a different song every 10 minutes or so. Then the song list starts over. Stand at the...
  4. Gorjus

    Princess Fairy Tale Hall

    You all may not be aware of the incredible amount of space it takes to do an indoor meet and greet. Some of you may know. Some may suspect all that it involves. In no efficient way is the Fairytale Garden area remotely large enough for a princess meet and greet. Also, there is a lot more to...
  5. Gorjus

    The Utilidors

    Granted, I have not been a CM since the Fantasyland Expansion (I'm assuming that is what FLE means), but the back of Fantasyland used to have access to the tunnels. Not in the old TT area, but in the old Grotto area there was and there still should be some by Pooh and the old Snow White ride...
  6. Gorjus

    How busy are the parks this weekend?

    I'm a local and was thinking of heading to Epcot tomorrow. I checked the hours of operations for all the parks (usually a good indicator of crowd expectations) and was shocked to find MK, with EMH, open till 4 am tonight. And all the parks have extra long hours this week. Next week looks...
  7. Gorjus

    Still Magical for CMs or Former CMs?

    Former CM. Luv was correct when he/she said that this might not be the best place to ask, as most of us on here are WDW fans. Here is a quote from a friend of mine who was a pretty prominent entertainment CM: "Knowing the ridiculous games you have to play and hoops you have to jump through to...
  8. Gorjus

    Photopass opinions

    I used to be a photopass photographer and everything everyone said is correct. There are great photographers and ones that don't care. Therefore, you get great photos and ones that need work. Always give the photographer your camera and a photopass card. PP is a great back up in case...
  9. Gorjus

    Do you know someone who didn't enjoy their disney trip??

    Sweetpee is right. For some, they want to relax on vacation. WDW is as far from relaxing as you can get. And y'all quit encouraging people who didn't like it to try it again. Do you feel it is validating your obsession? If they don't come back, less crowds for those of us who enjoy it.
  10. Gorjus

    If you want to give kudos...

    Mouse Hockey, actually, from home you can go one better than a GSF card. If you write a letter or email (information needed is in this thread), not only does it go on the record card like a GSF, but the cast member gets a copy of the letter and a special pin.
  11. Gorjus

    If you want to give kudos...

    MouseHockey, please read the above under Update. You need to specifically ask Guest Relations or Find a manager and ask for a GSF card. Otherwise the cast member just gets a pat on the back. The GSF card goes on their permanent record and they can win prizes.
  12. Gorjus

    Disney Fun Fact - utilidors

    What can I say? As someone who climbed those stairs a few times a day, I can assure you it is three flights from the very bottom to the castle stage.
  13. Gorjus

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    Ariel spent most of the day crying over the grotto's last day. You can tell from her eyes; that and I've seen other photos of her sobbing, as were most people that day.
  14. Gorjus

    Disney Fun Fact - utilidors

    Ask a cast member who has had to walk up those stairs. :lol: Technically there are; but it is because of where the tunnel goes deeper. The buses actually let you off on the second level. Picture this: The door to the staircase that leads up to the castle's main level is down the central...
  15. Gorjus

    Francis Floot is leaving Studios

    Sadly, his description of working for Disney and the behaviour of Disney managers is pretty accurate. Hard work is not really rewarded. The only reason to go above and beyond is because it gives you satisfaction. At the end of the year, slackers get the same evaluation and pay raise as those...
  16. Gorjus

    Francis Floot is leaving Studios

    There was a posting of the actor's video blog on facebook. He has projects outside of Disney he wants to pursue. May 13 should be his last day. "What's your name sweetheart? Kaiser? Well that is just a beautiful name; but I'm here to tell you that you are NEEEEVER going to find your name...
  17. Gorjus

    Mickey From Space

    It is just west of my house. Great rural area. Still dirt roads. Great.
  18. Gorjus

    Some Disney workers are full of lies

    What do you do for a living? Professionally, I lie to children on a daily basis and their parents thank me for it. And yes Pumbus, that one with the pope went too far. That is my opinion. The bear one is funny.
  19. Gorjus

    Anyone had any uninformed CM cases?

    They may have been pulling your leg. There is NO WAY that Princess Tiana also works at the ticket counter. Can't be done. Union issues. Also, no character can sign a shirt while it is on a person. Having said that, some of Tiana's friends, before joining entertainment, worked for other...
  20. Gorjus

    Magic Kingdom character changes

    The Ariel/Eric line will be fine. Character Attendants know how to cut the line. Well, most do. They deal with this at Epcot all the time. Often times Beast's line needs to be cut before Beast is even seen. Santa's line is also usually cut before he even shows up. Snow White's line will be...
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