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  1. Gorjus

    Francis Floot is leaving Studios

    There was a posting of the actor's video blog on facebook. He has projects outside of Disney he wants to pursue. May 13 should be his last day. "What's your name sweetheart? Kaiser? Well that is just a beautiful name; but I'm here to tell you that you are NEEEEVER going to find your name...
  2. Gorjus

    Surprise character at Norway

    For all you rare character fans: Snow White was unable to make to to Norway for breakfast/early lunch on Sunday. Megara, from the movie Hercules, took her place. A fun time was had by all. I just wonder if anyone recognized her.
  3. Gorjus

    Epcot Fireworks for Independence day

    Epcot was the place to be tonight for fireworks. WOW!!!!! The Studios fireworks started about a minute before the Epcot ones. Epcot did Illuminations first and then the tag. Studios fireworks were the point of everyone's attention while the Earth globe was moving through the lagoon. Just as...
  4. Gorjus

    Small Western Way update

    The project being built at the end of Western Way now has street lights. Just thought I'd let you all know.
  5. Gorjus

    Club Level Boardwalk or Grand Floridian

    if you had a choice of club level at Boardwalk or club level at an outer building at Grand Floridian, which would you choose and why? I'd really like some responses from people who've actually stayed at either. But if you know of them, pipe in.
  6. Gorjus

    Mexico Tequila bar

    I haven't been to Mexico in a week or so but yesterday I went. The Kidcot area has been moved to the front just after you walk in through the door in front of the artisans. The old kidcot area has its doors closed. Maybe they are beginning the refurb for the Tequila bar. Maybe they are just...
  7. Gorjus

    New Float

    There is a new float in the parade staging area at MK. It is a riverboat. No clue what it is for or when it will be used. But it is there none the less.
  8. Gorjus

    Kim Possible Game at Epcot

    It is getting very close. Staff training has begun. You can see them in the parks. Testing has begun. Cast walking around with what looks like a flip phone, but has a thin blue thingy hanging off it. Now I know why they built all these circular cobblestone cul de sacs all around WSC. There...
  9. Gorjus

    Food and Wine (and Beer) Festival News

    The booths have been moved from the parking lot to backstage for painting and refreshing. Construction walls are up and the 3 big display areas are being constructed. There is the one by France, the one by Germany and the one by the American Adventure. Signs are up stating the dates of the...
  10. Gorjus

    Photographing Cast Members

    I have been having guests ask me a lot lately if they can take my photo or have their photo taken with me. If we had a meaningful encounter or exchange, I might understand it, but these are guests who I hadn't met and who wanted my photo. Have any of you been running around doing this lately...
  11. Gorjus

    Unnoticed Space Ship Earth detail - Pentagon

    I'm sure some people realize this, but there are 10 perfect pentagons on SpaceShip Earth. Some are upside down, some are right side up. Here is a photo, with the pentagon outlined, of one of them. On your next visit, see if you can find the other 9. Here is a clue for one of them...
  12. Gorjus

    Kim Possible Game progress?

    I saw something in the UK in Epcot I'd not noticed before. Inside the little area is a tank that can hold some liquid, why, I don't know. There are also ALOT of fuse boxes, electronic junctions, wires, etc that all have labeled on the box "Kim Possible UK". The electronic boxes may have been...
  13. Gorjus

    WDWMagic & SW2000K in Main Street Diary

    Look who's made the big time now. Both this website and Ben's (that is his name, right?) big Snow White adventure...along with photos, is in this week's Main Street Diary. For those who don't know what that it, it is an internal WDW publication that, among other things, highlights the letters...
  14. Gorjus

    picasa test

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  15. Gorjus

    Disneyland Castle

    Did the castle in Disneyland used to be called Snow White Castle? I always thought it was hers till I came to work for Disney. What year did Disneyland open? What year did Sleeping Beauty come out?
  16. Gorjus

    Paid Holiday?

    Does anyone know for sure if we are being paid holiday pay for President's Day? I've heard people guessing, but can't find anyone who knows for sure.
  17. Gorjus

    Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique Tips

    The Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique is a magical place when done correctly. Sadly, I see it reduce many families to weeping puddles of frustration. So here are some tips: 1. There is a reason for the age limit. Don't lie that your 2 year old is 3. It is usually the 2 year olds that have melt...
  18. Gorjus

    New Year's Eve Fireworks Question

    I need info from anyone that was at the fireworks for Downtown Disney, Epcot, and Studios regarding the length and content of the show. I watched ALL the fireworks from a hill near Highway 429. While the MK's show is the most intense, it is rather short, lasting about 5 minutes after...
  19. Gorjus

    To those CP's leaving us Next Week (Jan)

    Hey, I just wanted to say best of luck, thanks, and so long to all the great CP's I've worked with the past 6 months or so. I've had the opportunity to work with great CP's and they will be missed. Thanks to the Lifeguards/slide ops and merchandise people at Typhoon; the merchandise folks on...
  20. Gorjus

    What are they building?

    Just before the road that leads to the fireworks area is construction. To be honest, it looks like they are building a church. Does anyone know what they are building there?
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