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    No Hope for October? If so...January?

    Did you try calling Disney Reservations directly? Sometimes the WDW site doesn’t have real time availability. We’ve done that several times and sometimes they find something to your liking. As others have replied, I’d definitely stay away from any race week. Good Luck with your trip! I hope it...
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    What is with the Smell of the Monorails?

    @Disstevefan1 I like your theory about the AC lines or the rain water. Those Monorails are quite old and I would think replacement parts are difficult to get.
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    What is with the Smell of the Monorails?

    An almost 14 year old post! I’m sure there were 10,000’s of people passing thru your home it would have a peculiar odor.
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    Country Bears Vacation Hoedown

    The Christmas Country Bears show was absolutely one of our first stops on our Christmas visits. Right after the WDW Railroad trip around the MK!
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    Question about trams

    I’m wondering if the Tram drivers need a CDL license with a passenger endorsement like the bus drivers? I would imagine not because they’re only driven on private property. If they didn’t need one, then it should be much easier to hire Tram drivers.
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    Transportation from FW to WL

    We’re taking our E-bikes this trip and it will be fun biking around the campground. We never did the WL trail. We’re bummed because it sounds like a nice ride.
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    Annual Pass Sales Coming Back Soon?

    I wonder how many APs of all types are active now as compare to say 5 years ago. Obviously it’s quite a bit less. Ours expire in September, but we renewed them last month.
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    Advice for MNSSHP

    @JIMINYCR Thanks so much!!! It’s been quite a few years since we went to the Christmas Party. We’re getting excited!
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    Transportation from FW to WL

    Now I wish that the walking trail from FW to WL was open. But with the postponed/canceled construction project along that route, I doubt we’ll be able to use it again.
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    Disney World Fall Hotel Sale

    We were at POFQ in May. It didn’t seem crowded to us, and when we walked around at night, we noticed quite a few dark rooms. Could it be that they have inventory but not the housekeeping to service them? It seems that way. On another note, the parking areas in the north section, Bldgs 5,6,7...
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    Favorite Quick Service?

    Darn, that’s one of our fav places in Epcot! We’ve never experienced that unpleasant taste before, but we’ll keep going there. It’s especially nice if you’re able to snag a table by the water.
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    Transportation from FW to WL

    That’s a great question. Paging @Tuvalu !
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    Advice for MNSSHP

    Wow Excellent post! We’re going 9-13 and haven’t been to a Halloween Party, but we have been to some Christmas parties. After reading the posts we’re getting more excited!!
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    Strategically booking park pass reservations

    As a little note from a novice when these park reservations first started, I canceled on the day we had rezzies at Epcot, BEFORE checking to see if MK was available. Then when I couldn’t reserve MK, I tried Epcot again, but it was full. Fortunately about an hour later I got MK availability. So...
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    Magic bands?

    We placed our order for the new Magic Bands+ about 10 days ago. Haven’t received a confirmation they have been sent. Has anyone received their MB+ yet? I’m sure they’re fairly busy filling orders. Our 1st day will be September 10, but we’ll hit the road around September 7.
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    Transportation from FW to WL

    Thanks @Tuvalu !!! I think we’ll go there for dinner then take the boat to the MK for the Halloween Party!!
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    Transportation from FW to WL

    I know this has been discussed in some previous posts, but I didn’t know if anything has changed. Is there still a bus running from FW to WL, and if so is the bus stop up near Pioneer Hall? I realize the resort to resort boats aren’t running yet.
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    Magic bands or Magic bands +

    My Apple Watch has a Mickey Mouse face and when you touch it, Mickey shouts out the time. Many people on here use it as a MB. One of these days I’ll take the time to figure out how to do that.
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    Skip Mousekeeping, earn $10/night?

    We always took advantage of the $10 a day to skip Mousekeeping at POFQ. I think I still have some of those Disney Gift Cards stored on my phone. Maybe I should check to see if there’s a balance on them.
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    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    @LittleBuford i think your observation is spot on. Places like Cedar Pointe, Hershey Park, are strictly “Amusement” Parks, while the Disney family of parks are “Theme” Parks. Amusement Parks are a dime a dozen in the US. Do I enjoy going to them, yes some of them, but a Disney Experience is...
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