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  1. SyracuseOrange

    Submitting 10K for proof of time?

    I am trying to move up in corral placement for my next RunDisney half marathon, and I planned on running a 10K in order to do so, as the Disney halfs accept either a half marsthon or 10K for proof of time. But, all the corral placements I'm seeing for the Wine and Dine, marathon weekend, and...
  2. SyracuseOrange

    Other DLR Forums?

    This may not be kosher to ask, but I will try anyway. I just got a new job, and I will be moving to Orange County, meaning I will be a Disneyland local! I'm looking for another forum similar to this one with more of a focus on DLR. I'll still be posting/reading here, as WDW will always be my...
  3. SyracuseOrange

    Travel between Yacht Club and POFQ?

    What's the best method of transportation between Yacht Club and POFQ? I don't mind walking if that's an option. (Follow-up: What's the best method from POFQ to DHS?) Thanks in advance!
  4. SyracuseOrange

    Taking Crescent Lake Suggestions (Drinks/Apps/Snacks)

    Hello all, I am going down for the Food & Wine half marathon, and the days after the race I am going to take it easy. I'm doing F&W and nap time the day after, but the day after that I am going to do some leisurely resort hopping around Crescent Lake. (I'm making more of an effort to visit...
  5. SyracuseOrange

    Best healthy quick service in the world?

    Hey all - I'm planning my itinerary for the half marathon weekend coming up, and I'm taking special consideration when planning my meals because I need pre-race fuel. What are the best quick service (or cheap table service) with healthy options other than just salads? Some nice lean proteins...
  6. SyracuseOrange

    Villains invade "Celebrate the Magic" castle projection show So glad I'll be there when it's going on!
  7. SyracuseOrange

    Anyone ever been to the site of the New York World's Fair?

    Last night, we had some friends over to our apartment. I met this guy and we started talking about DIsney. I showed him the large framed photos I have hanging in my room of the three castles I've seen in person (DLRP, DLR, and WDW). He said that he's been to the exact spot where the Carousel of...
  8. SyracuseOrange

    Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park announced for Malaysia in 2016 "Announced highlights of the new park will include attractions based on family franchises Ice Age, Rio, and Night at the Museum, as well as older-skewing franchises including Alien, Predator, and Life of Pi. The park's press release promises...
  9. SyracuseOrange

    Is the second weekend in September really that empty?

    TouringPlans crowd calendars go from 8-9 over Labor Day weekend to 1-3 the weekend immediately after. I imagine that's because everyone is going back to school, but I'd have to think more people would take advantage of that. I've never been down that time of year (I'm more of an early...
  10. SyracuseOrange

    Anyone ever attempted Touring Plans Ultimate WDW Plans?

    I'm getting really into the idea of "Extreme Theme Park Touring," which kind of regulates through their Ultimate Touring Plans. Basically, the premise is to experience every single attraction in a given park in the shortest amount of time, documenting your entire journey. I'm...
  11. SyracuseOrange

    Preparing someone for WDW

    Need your best tips! I am in a (very) long distance relationship with someone who I met in grad school. He knows about my obsession with Disney and has been forced to go to the Brave midnight release with me, spend his Sunday afternoons watching Cinderella, and listen to me talk for countless...
  12. SyracuseOrange

    Disney Theatrical Eyeing Muppets On Stage - Would LOVE this in DHS As much as I love Muppet Vision 3D, I would LOVE for this to come to DHS. (It'd be cool on Broadway, but I think it'd be more at home in WDW.)
  13. SyracuseOrange

    Would you spend your a cruise's port day at WDW?

    (Edit: EW...sorry about the grammar error in the thread title. My bad. Guilty of talking on the phone to my boss while writing this thread.) Last week, I was on a cruise from New York that stopped for one day at Port Canaveral. This itinerary had us in PC from 12pm-9pm on Monday. (Memorial...
  14. SyracuseOrange

    "Toy Story of Terror" short coming to ABC Family

    @DisneyPixar just tweeted this: We’re excited to announce Toy Story of Terror, a new animated short coming to @ABCNetwork this Halloween!
  15. SyracuseOrange

    A Disney-related Onion article to brighten your day ;)

    Disney Finds Dozens Of Unauthorized Characters Appearing Illegally Inside Theme Park
  16. SyracuseOrange

    Magic Kingdom No Longer to be Dry

    Be Our Guest will serve wine and beer around dinnertime, according to the theme park reporter at the Orlando Sentinel.
  17. SyracuseOrange

    Moving to Los Angeles?

    Considering a move to the LA area. Anyone live(d) there? Looking to be within an hour drive of Disneyland, considering Pasadena, Culver City, etc. Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts?
  18. SyracuseOrange

    No More DisRadio?!? :(

    DisRadio has been discontinued due to cost. Now I don't know what to listen to all day while I am at work. Anyone have a suggestion as to a good replacement online radio station that plays Disney music? (I prefer in-park music, like the parade/shows soundtracks, or area background music.)
  19. SyracuseOrange

    Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

    Select AMC theatres are showing four Pixar movies (Up, Wall-E, Ratatouille, and Toy Story 3) for only $6 each this holiday weekend. I'm definitely going to Wall-E. I never saw it in theatres for some reason, and it's my second favorite Pixar movie, so I...
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