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  1. Maerj

    Going to Uni this Thurs & Fri, do I need Express Pass?

    Hi, we'll be staying at the Saphire Falls resort and have 2 day park to park tickets. Do you guys think that I'll need the Express Pass as well? We haven't been to Universal for like 12 years.
  2. Maerj

    Unique trip planning questions

    Okay, first of all this isn't for me, its for a friend at work. It's his first time to Florida, they are actually going to the Daytona 500 next February. He told me he wants to go to Disney World for one day as a surprise for his wife. They are both in their sixties and he also says that they...
  3. Maerj

    Trip Report First time with parents...

    We just got back from a 6 day trip, the first one with both of my parents. You can learn a lot about yourself and your family if you vacation together. Be careful before doing it, it may not turn out the way you hope.! Anyway, overall things went according to plan. We got to MK on the first...
  4. Maerj

    Already booked but now there's this discount... should I call?

    When I booked last summer, they told me that any discounts that show up between then and now, we can get if we call and say something about it. I just saw that this one is up...
  5. Maerj

    Star Wars Virtual Reality Experiences coming?

    Found this article from the Hollywood Reporter: It says that ILM is working on making a Virtual Star Wars world and it may lead to theme park experiences. Marvel and Pixar are also...
  6. Maerj

    Possible new WDW plans...

    Just took an interesting survey about WDW. I copied some info that might be new: Walt Disney World now lets kids 5 years old and under visit all four theme parks, stay in a Disney Resort, and dine in Disney restaurants for free in January, February, May, and September. It's better together...
  7. Maerj

    Disney builds new robots article Article aboutnew animatronics Disney research is working on. Sorry if...
  8. Maerj

    MK Interactive Timeline

    Just found this and thought that it was pretty cool: It's an interactive timeline of the Magic Kingdom. Please note: this seems to work using Firefox ONLY! I don't know why but its worth checking out.
  9. Maerj

    COP Update Idea

    COP is a classic attraction that a lot of people love but at the same time needs to be updated. I was thinking that a slight rethemeing would also help. As it is now, we see a family going through different decades during the 20th century showing changes to how they live each time. The...
  10. Maerj

    Seven Dwarfs M&G?

    Hi there. My family and I are planning a trip to the world in May and my 2 year old LOVES Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We've seen it around 15 times with her at this point. When I asked her which of the Princesses she wanted to meet the most, she replied "Heigh Ho's!" which is her...
  11. Maerj

    Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures

    A couple years ago they sold POTC figures at the parks. These were figures made from the ride, not the movie. Well, I was out and about this evening and happened to see an Ollie's discount store (in Pennsylvania) and what do I find? A bunch of the Red Head and Scalawag figures! They don't...
  12. Maerj

    Trip Report May 24 - June 1 2008

    Just got back from another wonderful trip to the world and I thought that I'd do a little report. My wife and I last visited WDW two years ago for our honeymoon and we went for the first time with a child, our 5 month old daughter. I always said that I'd never take an infant to WDW and if...
  13. Maerj

    Need help planning a trip for a big family!

    Hello there! The last week in May my wife and I are planning a trip to WDW. We and our 6 month old were planning on staying at Pop Century. We were also planning on going with my wife's sister's family. They HAVE been planning on driving to WDW (we are in Lancaster, PA) and staying at...
  14. Maerj

    Help save the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah tip for the day!

    If you are a fan of the WDW TV tour, help us let WDW know how you feel. Write them at: If they get enough emails about it, they may see how much this tv loop was loved by fans and could bring it back.
  15. Maerj

    Emergency Phone Numbers?

    Is there somewhere that lists the phone numbers for the resorts? I am staying at the All-Star Music and was wondering if there is a phone number I could leave with my family in case they have to call me. Thanks!
  16. Maerj

    MGM Backlot tour closed?

    Another WDW rumor site keeps posting that the Backlot Studio Tour is going to be closed from June 9 to June 15. Is this true? Can anyone confirm this? Thanks...
  17. Maerj

    Resort stores question

    I was wondering if there are 'general stores' at the All-Star resorts? Since when you take carry on luggage on flights you can't take razors and that sort of thing with you anymore. It would be nice if you could just buy what you need there during your stay. So, are there places there 'on...
  18. Maerj

    Star Wars Disney Weekends 2003

    I heard a rumor that this year's Star Wars/Disney Weekends are going to be held on May 17 until June 15th. Can anyone confirm this? In the past they have always been every weekend in May, I'm not sure why they would change them now. Also, does anyone have any idea of the guestlist and when...
  19. Maerj

    Disneyana Conventions Question

    I know there are Disneyana Conventions at WDW every year, but are there Disneyana Conventions across the country on a regular basis? I would like to attend one locally/semi-locally if for no other reason than to see whats there! There are antique and collectible shows but I would like to...
  20. Maerj

    Mickey & Minnie T-Shirts

    Does anyone know if they make matching Mickey and Minnie T-Shirts? I'd like to get a Mickey one for myself and a Minnie for my girlfriend. They should sell adult t-shirts at the Disney stores! Anyway, if anyone knows of any and where to buy them, please let me know. Thanks.
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