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  1. DarthMileZ

    Returning to forum

    hi guys! Returning after a long time off, suffering with wdw Blues after our 3 week June trip. We are going to eurodisney for Christmas 2017 and then Disney world in 2019!
  2. DarthMileZ

    Terminator had its day?

    I remember this show being great, but after my last viewing, i was saddened to notice the screen quality is poor and the 3D just isn't as 3D as the newer rides, it hurts my eyes to look at it, i had to keep looking away... :( I can't see them updating it, perhaps they are ready to scrap it and...
  3. DarthMileZ

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    First time doing it today and i must ask.... WHAT DID I WATCH?! lol
  4. DarthMileZ

    my 3 week WDW trip... heres what i noticed..

    Hollywood Studios - If you are not a Star Wars fan, i wouldn't suggest even visiting, i am a massive star wars fan so i loved it, but my other half was disappointed, its everywhere. from new center stage shows to fireworks to massive presence in all the stores. -It's not a half day park as much...
  5. DarthMileZ


    Got stung at Typhoon Lagoon trying to refill my cup... i only stood there, wasn't even trying to swat the damn things... the cast members were nice as anything but why on earth can't disney keep these pests in check? blizzard have the mist machines which keeps them away from the fountains.
  6. DarthMileZ

    Break Downs 02/06

    Lots of break downs today, my family guy stuck on HP and the forbidden journey, when outside we had a few people say both Cat & The Hat and Spider-Man broke down... Spider-Man remained closed for the rest of the day... got given 4 fast passes for rides in the other park which our family didnt...
  7. DarthMileZ

    Trip Report My 3 week trip report

    Hi Guys, just a thread to keep you updated on my thoughts and experiences. if you want to watch my daily vlogs, you can go here >> Day 1 - Disney Hollywood Studios DAMN ITS HOT, it's been 8 years since my last trip and i forgot...
  8. DarthMileZ

    Pre-Trip Miles2Disney

    Hey Guys i will be going on my wedding/honeymoon trip in 7 days, i will be uploading vlogs everyday to my new channel you can follow my other channel here
  9. DarthMileZ

    Wattos Grotto Lightsaber Building Move?

    Hey Guys just wondering if they have moved the lightsaber building station from Wattos grotto now its closed?? also what about the droid building station? cheers
  10. DarthMileZ

    What is going on at Blizzard Beach?!

    I've been keeping an eye on this because its mine and my fiance's favourite water park of the 4 in orlando. will it all be open and function at the end of may?!
  11. DarthMileZ

    Magic Kingdom 1 day ticket

    Hi Guys So for the evening of my wedding we are looking at going to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks, 3 of our guests already have park tickets but 2 of them don't and were not so interested in doing theme parks as such while there and wanted to just relax also due to money restraints. we were...
  12. DarthMileZ

    Star Wars 8 rumour/watch thread

    This could be fun! so here is an interesting rumour... source: Star Wars 8 will reveal that Rey is the reincarnation of Darth Vader and will be titled Echoes of the Dark Side, according...
  13. DarthMileZ

    Jungle Book

    whos seen it? looks like it's had a great weekend
  14. DarthMileZ

    Could disney world ever go bust and what would happen / re percussions

    subject says it all.. lets hear your suggestions
  15. DarthMileZ

    Mission Space For HP employees

    Hi Guys i work for HP (Well the sub company HP CDS) i heard that if we show our ID we can get an exclusive behind the scenes of the ride. is this still a thing?
  16. DarthMileZ

    Ghostbusters Spooktacular!

    With the launch of the new movie, could we see something GB related back at universal?
  17. DarthMileZ

    The Great Movie Ride

    Hey Guys do you think this ride will stay? if so do you think it will be updated with new movie scenes? i feel it's missing alot of movies.
  18. DarthMileZ

    24HR Magic Kingdom Event?

    Hi Guys apologies if there is another thread for this, but i can't find it. do we know if there is a confirmed date for the 24HR Magic Kingdom event and can someone tell me if there is any additional costs involved?
  19. DarthMileZ

    Water Parks - Ear Worries

    Hi :) i perforated my ear drum last year due to a severe infection (thanks to butlins.... never going again, it was the worst holiday ever) and im nervous about getting my ear wet again at the water park... not sure if anyone would suggest ear plugs? anyone had any experience or recommendations?
  20. DarthMileZ

    My 3 week trip/wedding/honeymoon plan

    23rd May - Arrive, Unpack, Dinner on I Drive, Walmart Mountain Dew Stock Up and Mini Golf Day 1 - DHS Day 2 - Magic Kingdom Day 3 - Blizzard Beach / Disney Springs Day 4 - Animal Kingdom Day 5 - Epcot Day 6 - Epcot Day 7 - Typhoon Lagoon Day 8 - Magic Kingdom Day 9 - WEDDING XD / Fireworks @...
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