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  1. disney4life2008

    Problem with Forum Loading

    I am using s8plus, chrome browser on my phone. As of Sunday, the forum doesn't load properly. And when I try to post messages it gives me numerous errors. Then when I try to reply to a thread back to back, it says I cannot post for 800 seconds. The entire website and forum is acting funky. Are...
  2. disney4life2008

    April 23 at DLR

    I have a 2 day visit planned in the area and want to spend an entire day at DLR. I am purchasing a one day hopper, I know I likely can't do it all but that is perfectly fine. What are the chances of Fantasmic being offered? This would be a Wednesday or Thursday visit. Is world of color nightly?
  3. disney4life2008

    Disgusting Splash Mountain

    So I went to the magic Kingdom for Christmas. After the 10pm fireworks, the entire park was almost walk on. Splash was 5 minutes. The cm on the other side was rushing every one as if it was a line. I always inspect my seat and surrounding areas before seating anywhere. Well guess what? I sit...
  4. disney4life2008

    Chili Cheese Fries Gone!

    At sports, the delicious chili cheese fries are gone off the menu! Chicken strip basket is back after numerous years. Burgers are no longer cooked on the grill but rather on a skillet then wrapped in paper.
  5. disney4life2008

    Beware at Frontierland

    Today I had a great morning at Magic Kingdom. Low crowds and great weather. Stopped by the cart by the popcorn machine outside of country bear jamboree. They are selling candid Canadian bacon for $8. Sounds good and got it. It was nothing but fat. All of it. And it's a little piece of bacon. Not...
  6. disney4life2008

    I hate mobile food ordering!

    It is terrible that I can order online and by pass the horrible lines and get my food hot and fresh in seconds. LOL I absolutely love mobile ordering from. And I had a delicious lunch at Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom.
  7. disney4life2008

    Magic Bands to open door without being near?

    Is it true that Disney will allow magic Bands at resorts to open the door when you are within proximity to the door? So now you do not have to actually touch the band to the door. Has this already started?
  8. disney4life2008

    Magic Kingdom hours 10/7/17

    Is there an event happening at magic Kingdom on Saturday, October 7, 2017?hours are from 8am to midnight.
  9. disney4life2008

    'Ohana Experience

    Had a late dinner at 'Ohana last night. And for the first time in many years the food was incredible. The noodles actually had flavor a little salt, the pot stickers were crispy, the steak was actually cooked and not read and juicy. The chicken tasted amazing and the shrimp was the winner. The...
  10. disney4life2008

    Voice actors death?

    Morbid question but what happens when a voice actor dies? Or are there multiple people that can voice characters?
  11. disney4life2008

    Ohana or Liberty Tree Tavern

    Of course I have been to Ohana numerous times and the food is always amazing. We have never been to Liberty Tree Tavern at MK and was thinking of trying there instead of Ohana. Any thoughts on Liberty Tree? The reviews do not look favorable but the menu looks good to me. Can you request the...
  12. disney4life2008

    September Planning

    I am planning on visiting Disneyland resort for one day on September 18, 2017. I know fantasmic usually does not run year round. Do you think it will play on this night? It shows this day is a value ticket day. Will crowds be low?
  13. disney4life2008

    Live at Resturanosaurus

    So much for premium toppings. They have ran out ( not replacing) of onions, guacamole, and everything else. kindly asked for my $20 back lol Yes, my dinner is dependent on onions.
  14. disney4life2008

    Questions about Observations

    The times guide said the parade today started at 3pm, but to my dismay, it was rolling down frontierland at 245pm. Does the parade usually start earlier than the time listed? I know bay lake is massive. But what is behind the woodsy areas (past bay lake tower). Are there homes back there? See...
  15. disney4life2008

    Trail's End Menu

    Im debating on going to Trail's End tonight. I have been once a few years ago, but the menu looks changed. Is the fried chicken white meat, i do not want only dark meat. Is the food still good?
  16. disney4life2008

    Solo TS Question

    Has anyone ever dined at Garden Grill at Epcot or Whispering Canyon at WL solo? Im debating on booking both but i know they are family style meals
  17. disney4life2008

    Ohana AP Discount, 10%?

    When did AP holders get a 10% discount at Ohana? My meal came to only $41 solo. Needless to say, my server was exceptional and received a 30% tip.
  18. disney4life2008

    TTC to Animal kingdom?

    What is the quickest way from TTC to Animal kingdom? Is there a bus at TTC or do I need to get to magic kingdom then take the bus to animal kingdom?
  19. disney4life2008

    Pecos Bills Table Service?

    I am at pecos bills and im in the seating area by the splash entrance, there are three separate families having table service. One has a huge order of nachos and are being waited on by a cast member bringing drinks, sides, churros, everything. I want that big family size nachos for myself. Am I...
  20. disney4life2008

    Brazilian Tour Groups

    The greatest thing happened on haunted mansion this afternoon. I had the pleasure of being in the stretching room with majority Brazilian children groups who chanted the entire time. Until the cm as loud as she could told them to shut up, verbatim. It was fabulous lol
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