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  1. Brett

    The Most Iconic Disney Character of The Past 20 Years?

    Hi guys! My friends and I were having a debate about who was the most "iconic" Disney character created over the past 20 years. There were several characters that were discussed and I thought I would ask you guys what you thought, being Disney experts and all. Remember this not your favorite...
  2. Brett

    poll test

  3. Brett

    Monsters, Inc. 2? Not quite a solid confirmation, but news out of the 2009 Licensing International Expo is that Monsters Inc 2 was pretty much announced. Jim Hill is also announcing this, so who knows...
  4. Brett

    Top 100 Disney Characters!

    I've been working on this for a while, but I'm starting a countdown of the Top 100 Disney Characters. Check out my blog for more information, but I figured I would leave a post here to see if anybody was interested. It'll start tomorrow, so check it out! Link to my blog
  5. Brett

    Brett's Christmas Trip 2006 w/ Photos - 12/15-12/20

    Hi everybody! I just got back from Walt Disney World a couple of days ago and I figured I would give a report. Friday: 12/15 Once again I travelled to the World with my girlfriend and fellow Disney nut, Holly. We arrived at the All Star Sports to check in and went to my favorite park...
  6. Brett

    Brett's Christmas Trip Report 23-27th

    Hi everybody! Just got back and settled after another fantastic trip to Walt Disney World. It's my first trip for the holiday season and I wasn't dissapointed. Day One: Dec 23rd We drove overnight and arrived to Lake Buena Vista around 6:00 in the morning. It was the first time I ever...
  7. Brett

    Characters at X-Mas

    I just made reservations for Dec 23-27 and was wondering a few things. With the park so crowded, will characters be out in force? And will they all be festive? Also, any good tips on meeting Scrooge McDuck? I was hoping he might be out for the holiday.
  8. Brett

    Curse you camera!!!

    ARGH!! I just wanted to vent for a moment. ARGH!! I just got back yesterday from a fantastic Walt Disney World weekend. An outstanding trip all around. One of the best moments for me was when I finally met Darkwing Duck. I love Darkwing Duck. I've been looking for him around the parks...
  9. Brett

    Valentine Question

    Not sure if this can happen, but I'd figure I'd ask. I'm going down the weekend of Valentine's Day, leaving on Monday. I want to leave flowers/stuffed animal/something in the hotel room without my girlfriend knowing. Is there any kind of service available to get something put in our room...
  10. Brett

    Band Name

    Alrighty! Me and my boys have been jammin' out for a while working on a band. We're gonna get a gig soon, but we don't have a name yet. We have plenty of ideas, but we're very indecisive and can't choose. I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought. Just for reference, we play what would be...
  11. Brett

    Finding Nemo Review

    Since I didn't see a thread reviewing the flick yet, so I'll just throw one up! I just got back about an hour ago and I must say I am once again impressed with what Pixar can do. Visually, they captured being underwater perfectly. Sometimes, you would forget it's animated and think that it's...
  12. Brett

    This is a test, test, test......

    testing. SNIP SNAP!
  13. Brett

    I'm off to WDW!!!

    Just thought I'd write and tell everyone I'm off to WDW!!!!! Goodnight everyone, when you wake up, I'll be enjoying the pleasures of Disney Magic!!
  14. Brett

    Closed Rides??

    Any renovations, closed rides, or such for Aug 9-14. I know the Maelstrom will be down, I was just wondering if anything else so I won't be let down :)
  15. Brett

    My Primevil Whirl take

    I just got back from WDW yesterday and had a chance to ride Primevil Whirl on Thursday morning. The ride wasn't operating yet at 8:30 when the park opened, so I grabbed a fastpass and hit Dinosaur first. Even with the huge crowd, I somehow got on the first car at Dinosaur and then made my way...
  16. Brett


    I've been looking to purchase some of the posters that at the entrance. I'm talking about those classic ride posters. Anybody know where I can pick some of these up??
  17. Brett

    What's Your Favorite Fantasyland Slow Ride??

    Fantasyland is known for one thing...the great slow ride that lets you live the movies. I always wondered what everybody thought was the best. My personal favorite is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, even though it's gone. :)
  18. Brett


    Which is your favorite Fantasyland slow ride
  19. Brett

    Sea World or Living Sea?!?

    Ok, this may just be my distaste for aquariums or the fact that my brother is infatuated with them, but I'd rather go to the Living Seas that Sea World!! I find myself bored at Sea World and not into the experience that Living Seas offers. Once again, it may just be Disney winning me over...
  20. Brett

    Welcome to Universal!

    I've very pleased that Universal Studios made it onto this board. Even though absolutely nothing can compare to Walt Disney World, it's nice to know what's going on and what other people think about Universal. Personally, I enjoy going to Islands of Adventure for a day during my vacation...
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