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  1. donaldtoo

    Testing videos...

  2. donaldtoo

    Trip Report Our Slightly Crazy All For Our Dear Lil’ Emy One Day MK “Worldwind” Trip...!!!!!

    I’ve never done a formal TR here, as I generally tend to hang in the Chit Chat Chit Chat thread and do “mini TRs” of our travels (mostly non-Disney) there. But, I felt (at least to me anyhoo ;)) this silly-fun trip merited a more “proper” TR...!!! :) Warning, as this first post will be...
  3. donaldtoo

    A Very Difficult Day...

    Didn't know exactly where to put this. Didn't want to put this in our regular thread, so as not to bring it down, so I chose to just start a thread. I hope this is all OK and in an appropriate place in the forums. If not, mods please move, and please accept my apologies. The short of it is, Indy...
  4. donaldtoo

    WDW in the Summer...?

    All they need is a flag...! :p :D ;) :)
  5. donaldtoo

    Awwwwwrrriiiiiiight, which one a ya' done it...?

    Or, maybe it was a conspiiiiiracy amongst all a' youse up dere in da frozen tundra areas a' dis country to send your friggin' cold down this way, maybe...? o_O It's gonna' get down to 42 here tonight (a record low) with wind chills in the 20's. :eek: Low of 38 tomorrow...
  6. donaldtoo

    Character Cocktails...?

    Is there any place at WDW that serves cocktails with Disney character names? "I'll have a 'Goofy' :D, please!" "Slip me a Mickey!" :p Sounds like fun to me... ;) Would be kinda' cool to be able to order the "Fab Five Flight"...! :)
  7. donaldtoo

    Mama Melrose or Brown Derby...?

    We've never been to either, but want to try one or the other for dinner on our upcoming June trip. Now that the dining waters have been thoroughly chummed, feel free to (within' reason, of course ;)) tear it up gang...! :)
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