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  1. SourcererMark79

    Pin Trading after reopening; Still on, or just a memory?

    Will CMs still trade pins once the parks reopen? Seems like a way to pass "the vid" onto unsuspecting guests and CMs. As many details are still unknown about specific operations, I'm thinking that this will be temporarily suspended until, well, who knows? Anyone have an inside scoop?
  2. SourcererMark79

    Fingertips touch something on Space Mountain?

    Rode on Alpha last month, I'm 5'10'' and I swear I felt my fingertips touch something about 30 secs into the ride. Anyone else had this happen, or could it just be since it's so dark, your senses get thrown off? Never happened on Omega.
  3. SourcererMark79

    Dapper Days

    DW and I will be going to Epcot tomorrow and for the first time are dressing "dapper". I know it is not a Disney event, but has anyone ever gone, and other than people watch, is there anything particularly special about being there that day?
  4. SourcererMark79

    Best Photobombs?

    On Saturday the wife and I were in line at FEA when these two gentlemen perfectly bombed our selfie! Anyone have a funny Disney pic where you were photobombed? Perhaps you were the bomber ;)
  5. SourcererMark79

    Unusual Character Meets

    Wondering who recently has seen an unusual or not "scheduled" character meet. DW and I were at MK on Sunday and saw these cuties, they even squeaked when you talked to them!
  6. SourcererMark79

    Does anybody trust Crowd Calendars?

    Im a new AP, and DW and I spent the afternoon picking our days to visit for the remainder of the year. Browsed a bunch of crowd calendars, and came to the conclusion they are not all equal. In fact, wildly different. So, does anyone use these as a guide for when to visit? I'm convinced that...
  7. SourcererMark79

    When another Guest ruins an experience/attraction for you

    Last weekend I was on my first night Kilamanjaro Safari. DW and I were excited and looking forward to a quieter relaxing experience. Enter the 5 year old girl sitting behind us. Crying, whining, "I hate when we don't go fast, why are we going so slow" ok, maybe the first time it was mildy...
  8. SourcererMark79

    Staying in Park during EMH without Resort Reservation

    I was curious as to how everyone NOT staying in a Disney Resort is removed from the park before/during Extra Magic Hours. I haven't seen MBs flashing red if you're not staying on property...
  9. SourcererMark79

    Pin Trading in Pandora - The World of Avatar

    Anyone else inquired to CMs about Pin Trading in Pandora? I was told that there are no "pin traders" here, as were not "on Earth" but another told me there are secret locations where you can trade. What is the scoop?
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