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  1. goonie007

    Tokyo Disney TR (1 year later)

    Been so busy I have not had a free moment to start but here we go........ It has always been a bucket list item to visit all of the Disney parks and we had previously discussed going for my wife's 40th birthday (2025). Backstory: We scored "cheap airfare" on Black Friday shopping 2016 on...
  2. goonie007

    "Every parent at Disney"

    Thought this was funny and you guys/girls would enjoy! :)
  3. goonie007

    Escape from Tomorrow Film

  4. goonie007

    Park Maps

    Did anyone that was at the celebration today happen to grab any extra park maps or buttons that they would be willing to help my collection out with :) I would be forever grateful :wave:
  5. goonie007

    Anyone cruising the Dream, Magic, or Wonder

    On or after September 4th? I would like to get the one of the exclusive vinyls they will be releasing on the 4th. If you can help me please send me a PM :) MODS: If this is inappropriate please remove my request and accept my apology :(
  6. goonie007

    Worldwide Celebration to Honor 10th Member of the Disney Princess
  7. goonie007

    New Nintendo Console being announced "WiiU"
  8. goonie007

    This would be my first thought if I won the lottery too!

    Story here - "Kutey had the most extravagant plans. "My wife and I are going to every Disney park there is," he said."
  9. goonie007

    A new 3D stop-motion animated Pinocchio
  10. goonie007

    RunKeeper Pro free til January
  11. goonie007

    Local Disney Store - Vinylmation

    So I walk into my local Disney Store in the Mall and start to look around like I try and do once a week to get my fix.... And then I turn around to head out and glance over and what do I see :eek: Vinylmations tucked away on a shelf (toy story, urban 5, cutesters, have a laugh) There goes...
  12. goonie007

    Two random workers with plans at DHS

    Just got back and had the chance to upload some pics. 10/27/10 two workers were sitting down going over these plans/drawings and got my interest so i used my ninja skills and got close and took pics :drevil: I'm sure its nothing special but i wanted to post them here for everyone to have a look...
  13. goonie007

    Numbers and days and trips, oh my! Need Help

    Ok, so I need some help from some of the experts here regarding my upcoming trip/trips As it stands now our Honeymoon vacation is at POP from 10/19/10 – 10/28/10 and we are currently using the Free Dining Offer and have 10 day hopper with Water park options. Under the current pricing I figure...
  14. goonie007

    Taxi times and prices questions

    This might help anyone with questions aboout distances and prices for most taxi rides between POI :wave:
  15. goonie007

    Planning and Itinerary tool

    Did a quick search and didn't see it posted. Ran across a neat FREE program that lets you plan your trip and get a budget and itinerary ready in a nice graphical interface that allows for day by day planning. Just got done using it and it worked great (except for a couple of errors). If you have...
  16. goonie007

    Anyone With 400K to Spare Check This Out WOW :eek: Thats a lot of Mickey's
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  18. goonie007

    Has anyone seen this??? It sounds like a cool concept. Interactive show set inside a Egyptian Tomb. Has anyone in the area been though it???
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