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  1. FigmentJedi

    Pokemon Go at the Disney Parks

    Nintendo and Niantic launched their new "Pokemon Go" mobile phone game today with massive success of the "So many people getting the app that the servers keep crashing" degree. Geocaching type stuff is a big part of the game with Landmarks, interesting points, or just arbitrary things being...
  2. FigmentJedi

    Marvel's Disney Kingdoms Round 3: Big Thunder Mountain

    Inside the Magic has images of a teaser poster emerging at the parks for the next Disney Kingdoms series from Marvel The formal announcement of the title is apparently set for...
  3. FigmentJedi

    Marvel teases a Journey into Imagination comic So this is happening. Let's hope they're focusing more on the old lore rather then the Institute.
  4. FigmentJedi

    The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Concept Album

    Over the last year, Nightwish's Tuomas Holopainen has been working on a solo album project based on Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The video below is of a Single release that will be on Friday with the album's release being April 11th. This article gets more into detail on...
  5. FigmentJedi

    Miles Over Tomorrowland

    Looks like Disney Junior's going to get a Tomorrowland-based show prominently featuring the Peoplemover.
  6. FigmentJedi

    Tokyo Jungle Cruise Overhaul

    Wonder what the odds of America getting that soundtrack down the line are.
  7. FigmentJedi

    Porting Mystic Point to Animal Kingdom

    Everybody keeps saying Mystic Manor would be a good addition to Animal Kingdom because of the monkey, but beyond that, it seems slightly off considering how Albert is mostly there to interact with Lord Henry Mystic's collection of treasures from around the world. A few mythical, animal-ish...
  8. FigmentJedi

    20K Water poured into Little Mermaid

    They had a little ceremony today to symbolically link 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to Under the Sea. Using water saved from the lagoon years ago, Imagineers poured the...
  9. FigmentJedi

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Shirts More Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom merch is on the way in the form of new T-Shirts that amplify your spellcasting ability. It's crazy that the RPG element has taken another...
  10. FigmentJedi

    20K homage in Mermaid

    New blog update on the rockwork for Mermaid's entrance. The Nautilus is in there.
  11. FigmentJedi

    Pinch of Disney in Saint Augustine's Pirate Museum

    Went to the Pirate Museum in Saint Augustine today. Really well done and apparently has some Imagineering involvement, primarily with a sound-show along the lines of that Sounds of the Rainforest thing at Animal Kingdom, but depicting the last battle of Blackbeard with some really nice audio...
  12. FigmentJedi

    Mr Toad's Wild Ride movie This is the most pointless idea for a ride movie ever. Why not just spend the money on bringing the ride back to Magic Kingdom?
  13. FigmentJedi

    Glen Keane Resigns from Disney Animation

    Found this on Cartoon Brew This'll probably get moved, but it's just so important I'm posting it here.
  14. FigmentJedi

    Wreck-It Ralph

    Finally have details and a new title on Reboot Ralph. Movie focused on video games that's been in development hell for about a decade under various titles...
  15. FigmentJedi

    Mickey Donald and Goofy movie in the works Being pitched at Disney right now by that story veteran that worked on the old Pooh and the upcoming one. I hope this gets into Floyd Goddfredson adventure territory.
  16. FigmentJedi

    Open Brainstorming: Dark ride to replace MK Snow White

    With Snow White making way for a Princess Expansion, I'm sure we're all thinking of what a better dark-ride solution for the space would be. I've got a Hunchback of Notre Dame concept myself that I'll probably be elaborating on, but let's hear some other ideas for it.
  17. FigmentJedi

    Magic Kingdom All The Time Thread

    And now we have a complete set. Also, just asking now, anything else really out for that whole 1971 collection. I know of the Toad and Thunder Mountain shirts, but I'm curious whether they've done anything else. Kinda want to get an idea of what I want to get in May. Edit: Oh Nutbunnies, I...
  18. FigmentJedi

    2D Animation back to stay?

    Yes I know this belongs more in the Movies & DVD board, but people will actually see it here.
  19. FigmentJedi

    Disney Parks at TVTropes

    Anyone browse around TV Tropes or have let it consume your life like it has mine? It's a page that lists all sorts of narrative elements and archetypes throughout fiction and even into the real world. Disney Parks page was started earlier in the week and it'd be nice if we could work on...
  20. FigmentJedi

    Original JII finale Figment puppets on eBay

    Some of the puppets used in the finale movies for the original JII are being sold on eBay. Their condition though isn't all that good... Seriously, this is almost Nightmare Fuel inducing...
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