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  1. harveyt0206

    MNSSHP going on sale soon?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows when MNSSHP tickets are going on sale. I thought we would hear something today since historically they have gone on sale 5/1, per the past events page. But so far, nothing.
  2. harveyt0206

    Your favorite album from 2012

    While Disney is at the top of my obsession list, the other topic I love to talk about is music. I love getting music recommendations from friends, family and even strangers. :-). So, what was your favorite album in 2012? It doesn't have to be an album that was released in 2012, just an...
  3. harveyt0206

    We laughed...We cried...we over ate and had way too much FUN!

    Hello all, Thanks for checking in to my 2012 trip report. This year's report will be slightly different. Instead of giving you a chronological, day by day retelling of our trip, I instead will be breaking it up in to categories with some pictures and some thoughts regarding our trip overall...
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  5. harveyt0206

    The "You're going to Disney....again?" Pre-trip report 2012

    Hello all. It has been a while since I have contributed either a pre-trip or post trip report, but for some reason, this year feels a bit different so I thought it might be worth while to create one. We have been going to Disney on a regular basis since 2003. This will be my 19th trip...
  6. harveyt0206

    Harveyt0206's "Happy Holidays at the World" trip report

    I seriously debated whether or not to even do a trip report this time. Not because I don't love trip reports (I do) but more because I wasn't sure that I had anything new or enlightening to add to the Disney trip report conversation. Then, the more I thought about it the more I realized that...
  7. harveyt0206

    Missing my trip countdown banner

    Okay all you technology abled WDWMagic members: My trip countdown banner is no longer showing up on my posts? It's been missing for about a week now so is there something I need to fix in my CP section? Thanks.
  8. harveyt0206

    A 4 day "Surprise" Holiday trip to the WORLD pre-trip report

    Hello all, :wave:. My husband surprised me over the weekend with a "quick" trip to WDW in December so I thought, what better way to deal with the excitement than with a pre-trip report. :shrug: It all started Friday evening. We already have a September 2011 trip on the books and we were doing...
  9. harveyt0206

    Reservation system lost my dining reservations

    I decided to double check my dining reservations for my upcoming February 27th trip and when I logged on to Disney's website to view all my reservations, they only had two of the five that I made at my 180 day mark. :shrug: Of course, the call in reservation line is closed. I tried looking...
  10. harveyt0206

    2011 Dining plan restaurant options

    I am approximately 7 days away from my 180 day reservation window for my 2/27-3/4/11 trip. Obviously, I hope to make my reservations for the entire trip once that window opens up and we do have the free dining for the duration of our stay. Here is my concern: several restaurants I want to...
  11. harveyt0206

    Harveyt0206's "Is this really happening while I am at Disney" trip report

    Hello Disney Friends. I have now been back from WDW for over two weeks and in all honesty I really had no inclination to do a trip report, which is not typical of me. I love trip reports. I read every single report that is posted. Not only do they allow me to live vicariously through...
  12. harveyt0206

    Harveyt0206's 02/28 - 03/05 pre-trip report: "Back to the World so soon?"

    Hello fellow Disney lovers. :wave: I am heading back down to WDW in a mere 35 days and I thought that a great way to release some of my built up anticipation is to work on a pre-trip report. This trip is a little different in that it is a girls only trip. Just me and my mom this time. The...
  13. harveyt0206

    Harveyt0206's TR - 09/25/09 thru 09/30/09

    Well, I have been back for over 10 days now and am just finally sitting down to write my trip report. First of all, the players: Myself - Tracy. I have been going to Disney since I was 3 years old and have had 12 trips to the World to date. My Better Half (MBH from here on out) - his...
  14. harveyt0206

    Harveyt0206's pre-trip report. Are we there yet??

    Hello all fellow Disney freaks and lovers! :wave: This is my first pre-trip report so bear with me..... The players are myself, female, 37 and the trip planner and Disney obsessive. My DH, who does love Disney but mainly goes to make me happy (ahhhh.....). So the planning for this trip...
  15. harveyt0206

    Confirmed Le Cellier reservation available

    Hello all, I have a confirmed Le Cellier reservation for two on Friday, September 25th at 6:15pm that I am not going to be able to use. :( So, I thought I would offer it to someone on here who would like to take it. If you are interested, send me a PM and I will give you my confirmation...
  16. harveyt0206

    Illuminations in September

    Does anyone have info on why the Walt Disney World Website is not showing any Illumniations performances for the month of September. They did have hours posted previously, but now I can't confirm times. I see that this site and others are still showing Illuminations times for September but...
  17. harveyt0206

    My WDWMagic introduction

    Well, first of all, I am sooo sorry for not doing this sooner. I didn't realize this thread was out here or I would have made sure to introduce myself before now. My name is Tracy and I am a 37 year old Disney fanatic, as most everyone on here is. I absolutely love this web site and so...
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