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  1. WED99

    Great Movie Ride and the apparent lack of Kubrick

    The "why isn't this movie on the great movie ride" thread is all too common, but unfortunately I'm about to add one more to the list (but with what I believe is good reason). Stanley Kubrick is arguably the greatest filmmaker of all time, which is why I find it so startling that not one of his...
  2. WED99

    Understanding Imagineering #1 - Who does what better?

    Hey folks! Welcome to the first Understanding Imagineering! UI is a series of threads I will be running that each has an interesting topic about theme park design. The intention is to further educate people on what makes a good Imagineer by engaging them in interesting discussions and making...
  3. WED99

    Transportation Transformation

    Imagineering can involve a lot more than designing attractions. One often overlooked aspect is transport. Why is a train ride around Disneyland so fun, but a bus ride to Magic Kingdom is so boring? Because the transport at WDW currently lacks the thought and imagination put into every attraction...
  4. WED99

    DisneySea Imagineering Thread

    After my first day visiting DisneySea I am pleased to say my expectations have been well and truly passed. During my day at the park I had one thought one my mind, this park is an Imagineers wonderland! The amount of thought that went into the park is spectacular and it all works so perfectly...
  5. WED99

    Walt's Thoughts on the Asian parks

    As a Walt Disney fan currently traveling through Hong Kong and Japan, I keep asking myself the same question. "What would Walt think of the Disney parks in Asia?" Would he change anything? Dislike anything? Love anything? I find the Asian parks tend to do many things differently to fit into...
  6. WED99

    Your Perfect Disney Game!

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. What would be your ideal Disney game? It could be an app, console game, arcade game. Anything! I'm curious to see your ideas :)
  7. WED99

    BLANK: A Vinylmation Love Story

    I couldn't find any discussion on this so I decided to start a thread, sorry if I'm re-posting. It was announced during the Disney Interactive panel at D23. Basically it's a series of online stop motion shorts made using vinylmations. Here's the trailer. I'm excited about these. I love when...
  8. WED99

    Imagineering Documentary coming 2016

    I'm looking forward to this :D Pretty cool it's made by Ub Iwerks grand daughter too.
  9. WED99

    Game of this Generation?

    With the next generation of consoles right around the corner there is no better time than now to ask ourselves "What is your favourite game of this generation?" For me it's Minecraft, with Red Dead Redemption coming in at a close second. What about you guys?
  10. WED99

    The Last of Us.

    I have a feeling this is going to be the talk of the video game community for the next few weeks at least, so I think a thread is in order. Are any of you planning on picking up the game? And for those who haven't heard of it....
  11. WED99

    Potter Phase II Multi-level?

    I recently visited Universal Orlando and managed to snap a few pics of Potter construction for you guys. While observing the construction I noticed one thing. To me it almost looks like they're building multi story buildings here. I'm no contractor, but it doesn't look like your usual...
  12. WED99

    WED's Think Different Challenge Discussion Thread

    This is a thread for discussion about the Think Different challenge. No points will be deducted for posts, have fun :)
  13. WED99

    Some questions about Sorcerers....

    I started playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom last week and managed to finish it last night. It was a great game but I have a few questions I was hoping you guys might be able to answer.... -Why does every card work? Is there a way to make it harder? -Why did it tell me my Master Sorcerer...
  14. WED99

    WED's Think Different Challenge!

    With Master of the Parks over I felt there was room for a new challenge thread. This time I decided to take the role of judge and let you guys battle it out. There is going to be 5 challenges, each unique and much more challenging than your usual questions. Every challenge you earn points, there...
  15. WED99

    Ellen's Energy Adventure technical problems

    Just got off Ellen's Energy Adventutre, not from the usual exit unfortunately. During the scene after the dinosaurs when Ellen motioned for the screens to go wider, nothing happened. After a few minutes the lights in the theatre turned on and a cast member said over a speaker there were...
  16. WED99

    Progress City model nowhere to be found

    So I'm not a Florida local so I don't keep track of every change I see, however I did notice one thing. While riding TTA today I noticed the Progress City model was not in it's usual spot, or at least the lights weren't turned on. The writing was there just no model. Is this a new thing or...
  17. WED99

    Walking down Main Street, are we doing it right?

    We all remember the many memories we have walking down Main Street. The perfect beginning to a great adventure. This recreation of turn of the century America is a beautiful one, but left me thinking one thing. During the turn of the century, did people walk on the road? Has anyone else...
  18. WED99

    Where is PUSH?

    I leave in 9 days for my trip and I am just starting to list all the things I want to do this visit. One thing is realised, I've never met PUSH! He looks hilarious and I would love to meet him so can anyone tell me where and when I can find him?
  19. WED99

    Crowds in 10 days?

    The title says it all, can anyone tell me what the crowds will be like in 10 days for my trip?
  20. WED99

    E-Ticket a day!

    Can you imagine a world where a new Disney E-Ticket opened everyday? Being able to go on a monthly visit and not even ride all the new ones! Sure it's not going to happen, but that doesn't stop us from imagining it right? So those of you who are reading, I propose a challenge. Every now and...
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