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  1. One Lil Spark

    Thomas Kinkade has died at 54 So sad :( He has done some amazing Disney paintings. You can see a lot of them in the slideshow. Peace to his family.
  2. One Lil Spark

    The Lover and the Tolerater: The Tale of One Lil Spark's Disneymoon

    Hello all! :wave: First of all, I know I'm about a month late in posting this. Stupid life always seems to get in the way when you have fun things you want to do... Let's start at the beginning! On Friday, September 10th, this happened: ...And this (awesomenessity): ...And this...
  3. One Lil Spark

    Would you rather go to Tutto Italia or Mama Melrose?

    Weigh in on the poll and let's hear the reasons why! :wave:
  4. One Lil Spark

    Honeymoon ADRs: Opinions Welcomed

    Here's what we're thinking for daily ADRs at 4.5 months out before our Disneymoon (we'll be on the DP). Food was one of the main reasons DF didn't totally turn me down when I said I'd like to go to WDW for our Honeymoon, so I want to give him a nice selection. Let me know what you think, if...
  5. One Lil Spark

    What's something you've never experienced, but are trying on your next trip?

    Whether it's dining, a certain attraction, a particular resort, etc... There's something we've all yet to do, but promise to try on our next trip to The World. Let's hear it! :wave:
  6. One Lil Spark

    Has anyone ever stayed at the Silver Lake Resort?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever stayed at Silver Lake Resort. It's just off property right next to Animal Kingdom. Here's their website: Thanks in advance! :wave:
  7. One Lil Spark

    First night of Honeymoon: Is Narcoossee's worth 2 dining credits?

    Hi all! As I'm sitting here planning out the dining for our Honeymoon this September, I was considering trading out 2 of our DDP TS credits for Narcoossee's. After looking at all of the Signature Dining location menus, the filet medallions and lobster tail looks amazing. As of right now, I...
  8. One Lil Spark

    Does anything close during AK's evening EMH's?

    Just wondering... When AK is open from 5-8 for evening EMH's, are there any attractions that are closed? Or does everything stay in operation throughout the entire time the park is open? Thanks in advance! :wave:
  9. One Lil Spark

    Is there any way to guarantee you'll be messed with at 50's Prime Time Cafe?

    Hi all! I was wondering if there is any possible way to guarantee a good time at 50s Prime Time Cafe? My first time dining there with my family was amazing. I was put in the corner, walked to the bathroom by my 'Cousin' to wash my hands, force fed my green beans, etc. We LOVED it! Ever...
  10. One Lil Spark

    Is the Great Movie Ride lost on today's youth?

    Since my first time experiencing the Great Movie Ride in 1989, it's always held a very special place in my heart. To me, it's one of the classics that I'd hate to see go, or even given a half-hearted refurb. Though, I wonder if today's youth have little to no connection with the attraction...
  11. One Lil Spark

    What do you do to prepare for your trek to WDW?

    What do you usually do before you go on vacation to WDW for yourself? Hair, nails, tanning, (GTL :lookaroun), diet, new wardrobe, etc. Let's hear it!
  12. One Lil Spark

    Can you pay gratuity with a gift card?

    Hi all! :wave: If you're on the dining plan, can you pay the gratuity with a Disney Gift Card, or is it a cash/room charge only kind of deal? Thanks in advance!
  13. One Lil Spark

    How late does Kona Cafe serve breakfast?

    We're trying to figure out our departure day breakfast ADRs and I'd love to end our trip trying Tonga Toast and a pressed pot for the first time. Thanks in advance! :wave:
  14. One Lil Spark

    Disney Honeymoon Promotion Code for 2010?

    Hi all! Does anyone know/have the promotion code for the free wedding tote bag for this year, or if they're even still offering the tote to couples? From what I understand, you have to have the code before booking and we're looking to book our honeymoon trip in the next few weeks. Thanks...
  15. One Lil Spark

    Questions about booking with a Pin Code

    I just received my very first pin code for the dates of our Honeymoon in September. (Whoo! :D) We're looking to book our trip in the next 2 weeks and were really holding out for the Free Dining Promotion to be announced. The offer I was given the code for is 20% off Value, 30% off Moderate...
  16. One Lil Spark

    A few questions regarding Trip Insurance

    A few quick questions for you... How many of you WDW lovers purchase trip insurance for your treks down to The World? If you do get insurance, do you buy it through WDW or a separate agency? Finally, if you were planning a trip during September (Hurricane season), would you be more...
  17. One Lil Spark

    Recommendations for Disney children's programming?

    Hi All! :wave: Though my little man is still less than 3 months old, I want him to eventually have a love of The Disney Channel like I did growing up. Clearly things are quite different now, (RIP Welcome to Pooh's Corner, Dumbo's Circus, Mousercise, etc :cry: ) but I was wondering what shows...
  18. One Lil Spark

    Imagine if this had been around when the classic JII was open! UV light tattoos! How cool would that have been to ride through the beginning black light portion of JII and looked down to find bones! As it was, I'd ask for a re-admission stamp as a kid just to see it in the black...
  19. One Lil Spark

    How early did you prep your kids for a love of WDW?

    As I sit here watching my 6 week old nap while we listen to The Living Seas BGM, I was wondering how many of you encourage your kids to also build a love for WDW? Not necessarily prepping them to enjoy the Disney movies, but to actually love the parks themselves. If you went out of your way...
  20. One Lil Spark

    Your favorite WDW music that helps you relax/unwind

    Do you have a specific attraction you listen to on particularly stressful days to help you unwind? Perhaps some BGM that instantly calms you down? Go ahead and share! :wave:
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