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  1. The Mom

    Please Stop The Generational Insults.

    The number of generational insults seems to have increased lately - probably due to the pandemic. Regardless, they will no longer be tolerated. Just giving you all a head's up.
  2. The Mom

    What to see in NYC?

    I'll be spending a few days in NYC, and am trying to plan activities. I've done most of the touristy things, so am more interested in other activities. Would like to see something on Broadway, but not any of the Disney productions. (My family's decision) Will probably spend one day in museums...
  3. The Mom

    Anti- Autism Suit Against Disney Update

    This was discussed long ago - update.
  4. The Mom

    TS Emily at WDW

    Shouldn't be bad, but will probably mean lousy weather today through tonight.. Just keep a weather eye out if you're heading to or in WDW. Emily flew right by, and didn't stick around long enough to have much pf an impact. May all future storms follow her lead. ;)
  5. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    Please do not post anything that condones breaking the law (trespass, theft using loopholes, etc) It will be removed without explanation, as will anything posted that violates the TOS. They can be found on the very bottom of this page. Thank you.
  6. The Mom

    Very Sad News

    I'm sorry to have to share the news of the passing of a long-time, very popular poster, your fellow Imagineer, unkadug. I know that many of you do not venture into other forums, but thought you would want to know. He will be greatly missed.
  7. The Mom

    Very Sad News

    I am saddened to share the news of the passing of one of our well known forum members, unkadug. It was sudden (heart attack) and totally unexpected. He was a very popular long-time poster and will be greatly missed.
  8. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    Please remember the forum rules against political or religious arguments, along with the prohibition against using profanity or vulgarity, and attempting to bypass the filter.
  9. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    Please remember the forum rules against political and religious remarks, along with the ban against profanity - and efforts to circumvent the censor. Thank you.
  10. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    2. Please do not attempt to circumvent the censoring options we have set up. Abbreviations or the use of symbols to mask inappropriate language is not permitted. If you post something, and it's censored, please just delete it. Thank you.
  11. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    per forum rules. 2. Please do not attempt to circumvent the censoring options we have set up. Abbreviations or the use of symbols to mask inappropriate language is not permitted.
  12. The Mom

    Time for the Annual Christmas/Holiday Song Title Thread

    The musical balls are up, so it's time for the music thread. I'll start: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
  13. The Mom

    Just a Reminder

    Please watch your language! I've noticed an increase in the number of posters using inappropriate language (especially "slang") and attempts to bypass the filter. Thank you.
  14. The Mom


    Just a reminder that warnings will be(are) given for unacceptable language - even if the censor picks it up. As I mentioned in another thread, if you wouldn't say a word in front of your mother, grandmother, or child - please don't use it here. I myself have slipped from time to time. :oops:
  15. The Mom

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    This is a fun, light-hearted thread for just chit chatting. This is the place for updates on the ups and downs of life, news of the weird, favorite TV shows, good movies, etc. But we should all at least act like friends. ;) Clean slate and all that. I'll start by saying I just saw Gone Girl...
  16. The Mom

    Just a Gentle Reminder

    Please keep the forum rules about language, off color images, etc in mind before posting, and before posting links to other internet sites for videos, memes, photos, etc. If you are unfamiliar with them, they can be found on the bottom of the page. Thank you. Another update. 2. Please do not...
  17. The Mom

    Hal David has died

    Hal David has died at age 91. Most posters of a certain age remember him for writing lyrics for numerous Burt Bacharach compositions, such as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" "What the World Needs Now (Is Love Sweet Love) "I Say a Little Prayer: etc. The first Broadway musical I ever saw...
  18. The Mom

    Road Problems on I-95 in Jacksonville

    Those of you driving down the coast to WDW within the next week (longer, if traveling at night) might want to take I-295 around downtown Jacksonville - google it to see if the east or west route is shorter. There is a hole in 95, which is being blocked, so traffic is being diverted around it...
  19. The Mom

    The End of Shamu Show With Close Trainer Interaction?

    Sorry if this has already been posted.
  20. The Mom

    Warning for I-75 Drivers!

    Anyone planning on driving down/up I-75 in the next week or so (hopefully, not longer) should check to make sure it isn't closed in Florida (outside of Gainesville) due to smoke, especially at night. If possible, only travel the Florida stretch during the day. There have been over 10 deaths...
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