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  1. Sir_Cliff

    Cliff Richard

    Do you have any opinions about Sir Cliff?
  2. Sir_Cliff

    Michael Jackson

    So, what do we all think following the HBO specials?
  3. Sir_Cliff

    Disneyland Paris promotion in the Netherlands

    Just thought I'd mention that DLP is doing a pretty good job pushing the 25th anniversary in the Netherlands after apparently neglecting the country recently. I live in The Hague, and this week have just seen this pop up in my local supermarket which lets you buy a discounted price park hopper.
  4. Sir_Cliff

    New light post in Frontierland

    Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else (and I know it's a relatively small update), but does anyone know if they're planning on leaving this new light post across from the new Frontierland meet-and-greet as-is? Source...
  5. Sir_Cliff

    Swolphin or Moderate Resort?

    There are 3 of us going to WDW for the hellish dates of Dec.23-28 and I have been crunching the numbers trying to figure out whether it's better to stay at a moderate or pay a bit extra for a room at the Swan/Dolphin (about $200 extra per person for the 5 nights)? I would ideally like to stay at...
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