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  1. harveyt0206

    It's a Boy!!

    Congratulations! A future Disney loving moppet.
  2. harveyt0206

    A Disney Cruise for Somebody who HATES cruises?

    We adored our Disney Cruise experience. We cruised on the Fantasy. The meal rotations were delicious. Each restaurant had a different style. I was very impressed with the food offerings considering we were on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The logistics of it all fascinate me. As for...
  3. harveyt0206

    Grand Floridian VS Polynesian Village

    A vote for the Poly from me and hubby. We adore it. We unfortunately can't afford it right now, but if it is an option for your family, I whole heartedly recommend it. We had amazing service from all service areas. On our last day, while we were waiting for the Magical Express, the on duty...
  4. harveyt0206

    Things I wish I would have known / Disappointment in DL

    I am a life long Walt Disney first trip was when I was 3 in 1975. (Go the math...I'm "old", I know ). We took our first Disneyland trip last year in January 2014. It definitely was a culture shock for this lifelong Walt Disney world traveler. But I have to...
  5. harveyt0206

    Time to eat at Ohana

    We prefer dinner, but since it is just me and hubby, we don't need to do character dining. O'Hana is just a WDW classic, in my opinion. Always a great time.
  6. harveyt0206

    Any part of SpectroMagic salvageable?

    When I saw those Spectromagic pins in September, it made me sick to my stomach. I adored Spectro so much and to realize that it is completely gone....well, the nostalgic Disney fan in me was heartbroken.
  7. harveyt0206

    Favorite attraction theme song

    Grim Grinning, tomorrow..forever. Would "Wishes" count as attraction music? I say yes, so I vote for that too.
  8. harveyt0206

    Cynicism antidote...

    I love to listen to this loop whenever I have trouble sleeping. It makes me so happy and it!!!!
  9. harveyt0206

    One night offsite before Disney Resort

    My husband and I always fly in the day before our Disney package starts. We like to stay at the airport Hyatt. We walk around the airport, have dinner then go to bed early so that we can wake up nice and early and catch an early Magical Express. The only "drawback", which is a minor trade off...
  10. harveyt0206

    So long, Malestrom

    We rode it two times during our trip last month (9/18-9/27). We missed one of our fast passes because it was down and we didn't have time to come back later. We got the front seat on one of our rides and got drenched. Never really had that happen before. Heck, we even watched that fabulous...
  11. harveyt0206

    EPCOT Entertainment cuts

    Marie, I very well may have seen you tonight, although I probably wouldn't have known it was you. We were standing towards the back. I think it was around 8:00 ish....everyone was having a blast.
  12. harveyt0206

    EPCOT Entertainment cuts

    We just left Epcot. The crowds for Off Kilter were huge. I swear that people were having way more fun singing and dancing to Off Kilter than the folks gathered for the Eat to the Beat concert that was playing tonight. It was a bit emotional seeing them and Mo'Rockin tonight. Both are great acts.
  13. harveyt0206

    Illuminations and the rain

    We were in MK last night during that rain storm @draybook mentioned. It rained, down poured from 4:00 until a little after 8:00. The Halloween party was dead until the rain stopped. We were drenched by the end of the evening. But we got to ride just about everything with absolutely...
  14. harveyt0206

    We'll be driving for this trip, so we'll have our car...

    That's a very valid point. Going over to MK via the transportation center probably doesn't bother me near as much in the morning as it does with the end of the night mass exodus. Everyone is in a good mood heading over in the morning. Not so much so after a long day in the park. And let me...
  15. harveyt0206

    We'll be driving for this trip, so we'll have our car...

    If you are staying at a Disney property, then yes, parking at the parks is included. We drove last year and took our car to every park except Magic Kingdom. It's such a hassle to park your car and then you still have to take either the monorail or boat over to MK. We just used Disney...
  16. harveyt0206

    In MK right now

    It has been pretty crowded this week for sure. We always hit the MK on party days...but we also have a park hopper, so that helps. We were in MK yesterday, which was a party day and it was wonderful. Low waits for most everything. Space Mountain and Big Thunder were both at 20 minutes mid...
  17. harveyt0206

    Anybody see this at F&W today?

    We were there Saturday and while it was super duper crowded, we did not witness any bad behavior. Saw lots of people having a blast. You could tell that some folks were drunk, but they weren't acting inappropriate at all. In fact, we saw a great group of guys - all of them wearing Viking...
  18. harveyt0206

    In MK right now

    We are here now too. I honestly think that any day without a party is busy because folks don't want to deal with having to leave the parks early on party day, especially if they don't have a park hopper. Since last night was a party and tomorrow is a party, everyone is there today. Looks...
  19. harveyt0206

    How Many Days for you Part 10

    Thanks so much...I'm definitely going to give it my magical best.
  20. harveyt0206

    How Many Days for you Part 10

    Thanks Coach! I'm gonna try and have as much fun as it looked like you and your family had in your epic live trip report.
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