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  1. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Everything's giving Lightyear a run for its money. It's dropped to 5th place in its second week. :jawdrop:
  2. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Finally, someone makes a good point. Replacing Tim Allen was a mistake, perhaps. But I doubt that's the whole reason for the film's failure.
  3. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Buzz Lightyear is a popular character that has sold tons of merchandise and is part of the most successful animated film series of all time. Sing and Pets are not now and never were as remotely successful by comparison. And yet the Lightyear film flopped - worldwide. Are you seriously trying to...
  4. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    By that rationalization, no one should want to see a new Star Wars or Marvel film because there are multiple series about those IPs on Disney+.
  5. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    The ads for Lightyear have been everywhere. At movie theaters, on streaming, on network. But facts are irrelevant when you're trying to rationalize a bad take (it wasn't advertised enough!) :rolleyes:
  6. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Well, and what's troubling about that to me, is that it's not the people, it's the content, perhaps, that is the problem. I wasn't kidding when I said that "Disney" needs to get its films' subject matter back to princesses and talking animals. All of the more recent "Disney"/Pixar films have...
  7. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Do you mean Andy? You could be right - the premise of the film is weird as heck IMO - but what was it about the film that got much of the publicity? (tiptoes around the elephant) Don't mind me...
  8. Magenta Panther

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    Wowzers. Lightyear's a flop. And I mean it's flopping worldwide. And not just because some countries have banned it. Hmm, wonder why? (tips hat at the elephant in the room). I'll be going now...
  9. Magenta Panther

    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    The firings make it look like Chapek knows he up, and perhaps not in the way some here assume. The company has lost a lot of its shimmer for many people because of the DSG thing, and then there's the Reedy Creek dissolution and the possible loss of the copyright for the Steamboat Willie version...
  10. Magenta Panther

    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    This is why it's absurd to say that flicks like Encanto, Turning Red etc. were successful. Encanto flopped at the box office, and was sent to the yawning money pit that is Disney+ - so how much profit did it actually return? Turning Red could have premiered in theaters - but Disney chose to cut...
  11. Magenta Panther

    Why I may not go again

    If he lives in Britain, he perhaps ought to visit Efteling in the Netherlands, and Europa Park and Phantasialand in Germany. I wish I lived closer to them than I do. They're stunning, and have more immersive theming than the Disney parks in the U.S. IMO. Visiting them is on top of my bucket...
  12. Magenta Panther

    News Disney's own survey is a list of Walt Disney World's 50-anniversary shortcomings

    I have to wonder if the suits at "Disney" want everyone to forget that Old Dead Guy and his vision and values, and that's why there was little to no nostalgia attached to the 50th celebration...
  13. Magenta Panther

    Please delete.

    True enough. The mods run the show here, as they should. Truly draconian mods would ban people right and left for daring to stand up to the narrative. I've gotten messages deleted, and blocked from certain threads for causing a ruckus. Doesn't bother me a bit. "You've got enemies? Good. That...
  14. Magenta Panther

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I've never gotten sick on a ride at any Disney park, but I got one heck of a crick in my neck after riding WDW's Space Mountain. If CR offers guests barf bags, Space Mountain should offer chiropractors.
  15. Magenta Panther

    More Captain Jack Sparrow?

    When I thought Depp's issues might be a problem, I suggested here that having a young Jack Sparrow as a protege to the female pirate captain Redd might be a solution. That would keep Sparrow in the ongoing storyline. But I have a feeling now that Depp fans wouldn't go for that. If Depp is...
  16. Magenta Panther

    More Captain Jack Sparrow?

    So! Now that cancel culture just lost to Johnny Depp, will "Disney" allow him to be in any more Pirates movies? I say it should. I originally thought that his baggage would hurt the Pirates film series, but after this court case, his street cred is through the roof. His return as Captain Jack...
  17. Magenta Panther

    Revenge Vacation: Only Actual Data Need Apply

    What's wrong with tiny home neighborhoods? Some tiny homes I've seen are awesome. They're easier to maintain, take up less land, and are more affordable than bigger homes. Imagine living in a nice space in a nice location with no mortgage. Talk about a dream come true!
  18. Magenta Panther

    Priciest Place on Earth

    Yeah, but for a much cheaper rate, you can get similar views in places like the excellent St. Louis Zoo where the admission to the park is FREE.
  19. Magenta Panther

    Pinocchio live action reboot

    Yeah, you'd think "Disney" would have given her a blue wig or something. Anyway, I can certainly why "Disney" chose not to put this stinkeroo in theaters. Nobody asked for this remake, most don't want it, and fewer still would have paid for it.
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