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  1. spectromagic04

    Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait Update

    I haven’t seen a thread on this yet, but Haunted Manaion recently just got an update to the changing portrait scene.
  2. spectromagic04

    Favorite Spot for Happily Ever After?

    Other than in the castle hub what’s your favorite spot to watch HEA? My top 3 spots are all in Fantasyland number one being by Gaston’s Tavern since you’re literally on top of the fireworks. The other two are behind the carousel by Pinocchio Village Haus and the other in front of Be Our Guest...
  3. spectromagic04

    Shore Opening at Disney Spring May 2016

    Not sure if this was announced, but according to this YouTuber that works at a Shore location in Sarasota. She just said that they will be opening a new store in May at Disney Springs. Anyone heard this? Here is the video Here is the website
  4. spectromagic04

    2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    With conference finals already underway who do you have winning the Stanley Cup? Currently the Rangers are up 1-0 on the Tampa Bay Lightning with the Rangers beating the Lighting 2-1. The team that I have winning the Cup is the Hawks there team imo is stacked. The Hawks have showtime Patrick...
  5. spectromagic04

    Disneylands Frontierland vs WDW Frontierland

    Which park has the best Frontierland in your opinion?
  6. spectromagic04

    Has Disney forgotten about their waterparks?

    It seems like for ever since I heard of something new coming to either of the waterparks! It just seems that they don't care about the waterparks! Other than the annual refurb. I think they need to add more slides or something,
  7. spectromagic04

    What store do you find the monorail tshirt?

    At WDW what stores can you find the monorail tshirt?
  8. spectromagic04

    Whats your favorite Disney park?

    What is your favorite Disney theme park and why? Mine is the Magic Kingdom because of the magic! It also has my favorite rides like Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and TTA! I'm kind of biased because I never been to DLR to check out there parks.
  9. spectromagic04

    If I was head of WDW

    If I was in charge of WDW this is what I would change/add to the Disney World! Im gonna go park by park! Something I thought up since I was bored! Magic Kingdom: * Add a brand new daytime parade to replace Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade * A new firework show to replace Wishes( Wishes can...
  10. spectromagic04

    WDW observations so far

    I have been here since Saturday and will be here until this Monday! Were staying at Port Orleans French Quarter and its been going by really fast! Magic Kingdom . Went to the Kingdom Sunday for Extra Magic hours and had problems with technical difficulties with Big Thunder MT all that night...
  11. spectromagic04

    Observation So Far!

    Ok I have been here since Sarurday
  12. spectromagic04

    halloween decorations?

    Does anyone know when the halloween decorations go up. Were going August 25 and September 3 do we have a chance to see the halloween decorations?
  13. spectromagic04

    Disney World CDs?

    I just wanted to know if anybody knows what park music CDs that they are currently selling. Im going in late August and want to know which ones to buy. Do they still sell the Fantasmic and Main Street Electrical Parade ones?
  14. spectromagic04

    NHL Kings vs Devils

    Who do you thinks going to win the Stanley Cup Kings or Devils!
  15. spectromagic04

    The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve?

    Has anyone ever heard or been to this Disney Wildlife Preserve? I was searching on google Disney Worlds wildlife when I found this its located about 15 miles south of WDW! The name of the place is The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve! I am not expecting many people to know about...
  16. spectromagic04

    When do the Halloween decorations start going up!

    I was just wondering when all the Halloween decorations will start going up at the Magic Kingdom this year?
  17. spectromagic04

    Taste of Fantasmic?

    Does anyone know if they still play Taste of Fantasmic when the weather is bad! Saw it on YouTube and it looks really cool!!
  18. spectromagic04

    New youtube layout!

    Who here has seen the new youtube layout? If you have what do you think about it! I personally think it really blows and it looks to much like Facebook!
  19. spectromagic04

    How are the crowds for 8/30/11 to 9/4/11!

    I am going to WDW August 30, 2011 to September 4, 2011 and staying at POP and I was wondering how the crowd levels will be like for the days we are there? I am also hoping that the South American Tour groups will be gone by the time we check in if not were doomed because they usually stay at the...
  20. spectromagic04

    Your favorite land at MK at night?

    My choice was pretty hard I was stuck between Tomorrowland and Main Street USA but in the end Tomorrowland is my favorite beacause of all the lights that illuminate the sky at night! So whats your favorite MK land at night?
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