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  1. Expo_Seeker40

    Rumor Tom Hanks rumored to be new narrator for the Carousel of Progress

    Take it with a grain of salt. The rumor mill rumors on.
  2. Expo_Seeker40

    The brutal truth of where EPCOT is headed...

    Hey y'all, I haven't posted much here in the past few years (I saw Lee made a cameo!) but I have been tracking what's going on at WDW. After watching the official announcements regarding EPCOT at D23 yesterday (feels weird to spell it EPCOT vs Epcot after all these years), I thought I'd write...
  3. Expo_Seeker40

    Adventureland Veranda: The next Club 33?

    It's part news, but mostly let's get some facts sorted out as we go into this... Not too long ago, the Tinker Bell Meet N' Greet at the former Adventureland Veranda closed when Tinkerbell moved to Main Street USA. Now, for the first time in quite a few years (outside a few events...
  4. Expo_Seeker40

    Nothing for the Carousel of Progress for it's 50th this April?

    Reading the Disney Parks Blog and various tweets, I'm happy that Disney is recognizing "it's a small world" for it's 50th anniversary coming up this April 22, but nothing for Mr. Lincoln (which was restored a couple of years ago to it's world's fair version with some enhancements), and NOTHING...
  5. Expo_Seeker40

    Sacrificial Lamb: the remaining classic WDW attractions

    We've been told continually, perhaps even spoon-fed that anyone born since the 90s has a short attention span, is glued to a digital device, and maybe...just maybe was prescribed Ritalen from their family doctor. I have a different take on this, particularly as someone, who works in...
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    Expo meets mickey and gets a nosebleed at CG

    I believe my trip report posting style has become infamous. Anyhow, finally...after how many years?! Finally spent 3 days 2 nights hardcore on property. No more mooching off of relatives' homes, or downtown sort-of-on-property disney. Nope...I took my AP discount and stayed at Disney's...
  7. Expo_Seeker40

    mailing a postcard from WDW?

    I haven't mailed a postcard from WDW in years. Can this still be done on property? :lookaroun :shrug:
  8. Expo_Seeker40

    Expo's plays in the graveyard and sneezes at F&G

    Hello dearest fanbois, sweatshirt moms, 2 timers, and gramfans! Just returned from 1.5 days in the vacation kingdom only to go back next week with another set of relatives. (God, why can't they pick Kennedy Space Center instead). The parks are busy. Very busy. The south is on spring break...
  9. Expo_Seeker40

    Decided to book California Grill o_O?!

    I've heard all sorts of things about it, and decided to cancel my reservation at The Wave in late March. I and my party are staying at BLT and decided....why not....have an early dinner at California Grill. I don't have an issue with the prices or the dress code, but based on mixed...
  10. Expo_Seeker40

    California Grill bar only?

    I and my party are going to The Wave for dinner in March and was wondering if anyone knew if you are able to go up to the california grill just to have drinks at the bar?
  11. Expo_Seeker40

    This was the Magic Kingdom?

    Hard to believe 20 years ago you could see this... 1991 and now you see this... 2011
  12. Expo_Seeker40

    CoP and Space Mountain celebrate 36 years!

    Just a friendly reminder that two classic Disney attractions "turn" 36 today at the Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain and the Carousel of Progress had their grand openings and dedications on a chilly, but sunny January 15th morning back in 1975. Space Mountain was brand new, while the Carousel of...
  13. Expo_Seeker40

    the WDW "D Logo's" return

    For anyone who has been to WDW throughout 2010, noticed the introduction of 14.95 t-shirts with the original WDW D logo on them. This later expanded to a children's line, then onto sweat shirts and jerseys and now onto "green" bags with the old logo. In addition, a plaid '71 merchandise campaign...
  14. Expo_Seeker40

    Holy crap I'm staying at BLT for the first time (and need help!)

    I did it.....I just stared at the screen and clicked the mouse...screamed and then blurted out "monorail". As some of the vets on wdwmagic know, I've been a member here for years and have gone to WDW usually once a year for ( almost 10 years now) and stay a few days...I either stay in downtown...
  15. Expo_Seeker40

    What the heck am I doing wrong? Low light photography

    Yes I love photoshop.....:lookaroun....who doesn' enhance my RAW images, I hope that isn't cheating? :shrug: I'm getting CS5 soon and I hear photoshop CS5 has an HDR tool on it. Otherwise I have no HDR programs as of right now. I have a Canon T1i....I feel this is a good camera...
  16. Expo_Seeker40

    Best place for a solo dinner at EPCOT?

    Hey everyone, I'll be making a solo trip to EPCOT coming up, is there a casual dining restaurant anyone would like to recommend that a single person can eat at without feeling too much like a myfamilyabandonedmeandalligotisthevideocameraandabottleofsunscreen ? :lookaroun I don't remember if...
  17. Expo_Seeker40

    Question about the grand opening of WDW

    Re: the grand opening of Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom opened on Friday October 1, 1971. Was this a free for all to the public or just to certain pre ticketed guests and VIPs? I understand that Roy Disney didn't dedicate the MK and WDW until later on in October with Lillian Disney...
  18. Expo_Seeker40

    Expo's EC and MK trip observations Sept 17

    Now an AP holder! :sohappy: Nothing much that really needs a picture, but here are some observations I made yesterday. Epcot: Spaceship Earth looks....clean again? Inside SSE, the warehouse look in the descent is terrible. Also, the leftover moonbase scenes in the dome from an unfinished set...
  19. Expo_Seeker40

    How's CoP been doing crowd wise?

    Haven't been to the world for quite a few months, was wondering how the Carousel of Progress has been doing crowd-wise and if the theaters have been having good attendance? Thanks!
  20. Expo_Seeker40

    Can non FL residents get SPs or APs

    I'm going to be moving to Florida for grad school beginning this fall. There's no need to change my driver's license or license plate, but is there anyway I can get a season pass as a non Florida resident. I'm not trying to go all year round or go to the water parks. Thanks for your help. :wave:
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