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  1. Minthorne

    Trip Report A live solo trip report (Completed)

    Ok I’ve never done a trip report before, but tomorrow I’m heading down for 3 nights by myself and I thought it would be fun to do the live report. WHO: Minthorne (Neal) bearded unbearded WHERE: SSR studio WHEN: 9/10-9/13 The original plan was traveling with my friend’s family for a week...
  2. Minthorne

    Etsy DreamWardrobeShop

    Hi folks. I’m going to Dapper Days at the end of the month and I just wanted to mention my experience with this Etsy shop and let folks know. My friend bought us Dapper Dan’s shirt from there as a surprise for me. Their size charts don’t really match the shirts and the are too small. they...
  3. Minthorne

    Alicia Keys cover of Gummi Bears theme song

    Can someone explain why Gummi Bears hasn’t been rebooted?
  4. Minthorne

    We Go On

    This message still rings true. We go on, as one. With the stillness of the night There comes a time to understand To reach out and touch tomorrow Take the future in our hand. We can see a new horizon Built on all that we have done And our dreams begin Another thousand circles 'round the sun...
  5. Minthorne

    Moonlight Magic March 3 at MK sign ups begin today

    I was fortunate and got number 358 in the queue at 9am. Definitely like the new sign up process. Looking forward to the first moonlight magic at MK - especially since I'll be staying at BLT!
  6. Minthorne

    Are DVC owners with Spec rentals being left holding the reservation?

    Over the years the DVC rental market has changed. The recent trend seems to be DVC owners that are scooping up desirable reservations and then attempting to rent them. As of late I am seeing more and more of these "spec" reservations still listed on other boards well within the 30 day mark and...
  7. Minthorne

    Firefighter dies in line of duty on eve of trip to DisneyWorld

    Just a terrible tragedy in my home town, lost a hero.
  8. Minthorne

    Will there be release party for Rise of Skywalker at Hollywood Studios this December?

    The previous films have had release parties at Hollywood Studios, but I haven't seen any word about one for Rise of Skywalker. Has anyone heard anything?
  9. Minthorne

    Pre-Trip 50th Birthday Trip with a Fancy Meal

    I'm just posting because I am excited. :) I booked my 50th Birthday trip. Using my DVC I was able to get a MK View room at BLT for the first 2 night (including my Birthday) and then Poly for the rest of the week. My friend booked V&A dinner for us on my Birthday Night! 😍 Now I just have to...
  10. Minthorne

    EEE Detected in sentinel chickens in Orange County

    A deadly mosquito-borne virus that causes brain swelling in humans has been detected in Florida Will we see bug spray in the rooms and parks again?
  11. Minthorne

    Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera open for reservations

    It appears you can book Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera starting today for dates beginning December 16th. The 16th didn't have any open times (I wonder if it will be invite only opening night) but I did snag a 7:35 pm on 12/17. Hoping to be able to catch some fireworks while there!
  12. Minthorne

    DVC Star Wars party 4/10 in Epcot

    Just sat this posted. Not sure I’d pay $225 and it seems late to be announcing it.
  13. Minthorne

    Reservations for The DVC New Year's Eve Eve Party are open

    Saw this opened for reservations yesterday - it still had tickets available this afternoon. "Disney Vacation Club Members and special guests can ring in 2019 a little early at a playful party with Pixar friends on Sunday, December 30, 2018! From toys and monsters, to Super Heroes and...
  14. Minthorne

    Saratoga Springs one night stay report

    Hi all! I’m here for 1 night at SSR in a DVC studio then a week at BWV and I wanted to report a couple of things I saw at SSR. They have replaced the Disney World park branded paper plates and bowls with better quality thicker paper products that are wrapped in plastic. The also now have paper...
  15. Minthorne

    Rat bit man at MK. Man sues. No comment from rat.

    Maybe more snakes in the park would help with the rats.
  16. Minthorne

    Real Magic

    I dropped my wallet somewhere around crescent lake today. I spent hours searching. I reported it lost at my resort (Boardwalk) canceled my credit cards and final gave up. I luckily had some gift card in my backpack so I went to Epcot to make the best of things. When I got back I checked at the...
  17. Minthorne

    Joe Rhodes in AK today.

    He was discussing changes to the area just entering Asia from Discovery. Got a couple pick as I tried not to be too obvious.
  18. Minthorne

    Will there be less "light" this holiday season?

    With the holidays quickly coming and the end of Main St. Electrical Parade along with Osborne Lights not returning will the "Most Magical Place on Earth" be dimmed? Without facts to support me, I feel the holiday decoration have diminished over the last 15 years. Will the magic lights seem...
  19. Minthorne

    Disney Vacation Club Halloween 2016 at Walt Disney World Resort - SOLD OUT? Did anyone see when this was announced this year? I just went looking for it and see it is already sold out :(
  20. Minthorne

    'Disney, Marvel to Boycott Georgia if Religious Liberty Bill Is Passed'

    Quite a vocal stand and it seems with all the filming done in GA it isn't an empty threat. Way to go Disney. :joyfull:
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