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  1. EnjoyingLife

    At WDW now—nearby mechanic needed!

    Please help! Staying on property at WDW, and I need a nearby mechanic who could replace a window regulator in a 2005 Honda Pilot sometime in the next few days. Of course I’d prefer a reasonable price, but I’m willing to pay more for a reliable mechanic who’s located as conveniently as possible...
  2. EnjoyingLife

    Need advice—Universal/WDW split trip

    Need some advice, please! To thoroughly enjoy a first-ever trip to Universal, as well as hit the highlights of WDW for a teen boy who’s not really into Disney animated movies (but wants to do FoP and SWGE)…: 1) how many days would you recommend for each; 2) is it worth staying at a premier...
  3. EnjoyingLife

    Best Vegetarian-Friendly Meals and Savory Snacks

    What are some of the best meals or savory snacks you’ve found in WDW that are vegetarian-friendly? It doesn’t have to be a meat replacement or be filled with vegetables, though it can… just anything a vegetarian could eat that you think is delicious! For purposes of this discussion, vegetarian...
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