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  1. Roakor

    Question about mobile order

    Do you have to pay for the meal with mobile order or can you just place the order and pay for it when you pick it up. I really have no desire to put any finical information into my phone or or use apple pay.
  2. Roakor

    Hard to get photos

    Here is one I got that you don't see too often. Out side of special events you almost never seem the togther for a photo. This was just outside the castle on the back side and there was no line. Of course it was about 2:30am back in april of 2009 :) So what hard to get photos do you have?
  3. Roakor

    Transportation to Universal

    Going to disneyland this fall, First time to L.A. What is going to be the best way to get to Universal Studios as we want to spend a day there. Will be staying at the best western across from Disneyland. I was looking at lyft and if i am looking at ti right it was $60 one way. Thought about...
  4. Roakor

    MK for 1 day visit

    We are looking at spending a week in Daytona this spring. Since its just a short drive to Orlando we might pop over for a day to take the grand kids to MK. Well ok there is no might about it we will do this. Anyway I have never just dropped in for a day and WDW, we have always had planned...
  5. Roakor

    Christmas holiday wishes desert party

    Having never been to the Christmas party or ever done the desert party would it be good to do both at once? The party includes reserved viewing for the parade but what about the show at the castle? Can you see it from the terrace seating? Or is the show before the parade?
  6. Roakor

    Christmas party event schedule

    I am trying to plan a dinner reservation while we are there for the Christmas party (first week of dec). I know the party starts at 7 but is there a schedule for the parade and shows? I have never been for the party so I don't know when things happen and when would be a good time to get...
  7. Roakor

    Disney Visa Chase rewards card

    Question, I have a dinning plan for my up coming visit so meals are on that. Can I still use the VISA rewards gift card to pay for the tip?
  8. Roakor

    Should it stay or should it go.

    Not looking for a debate just a simple yes/no vote. I am curious as to which way the current public opinion is going. No reply needed just a vote. In other words please don't get this thread locked.
  9. Roakor

    Question about Sanaa

    I am looking at going here, specifically because my significant other loves giraffes. For those who have gone here before, what would be the best time to view the animals and can you request/reserve a table near the windows?
  10. Roakor

    split group on dinning plan

    I know when you get the dinning plan everyone on the hotel reservation gets put into one group for meal vouchers. But does everyone have to go to the same Table Service restaurant for every meal or can you split up and go to different ones? I know the dinning reservations are made separately...
  11. Roakor

    Last ride of the day

    Just curious but when you visit Magic Kingdom is there a ride you always have to do last before you leave. For me its usually been Pirates of the Caribbean.
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