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  1. Testtrack321

    Disney's Green with Envy Trailer (aka that trailer from Pirates) Don't spoil it for anyone else guys. ;) 6CloKbXtD28
  2. Testtrack321

    Pooh Queue Rumor: Tigger Bounce Spot to be removed

    It's been closed since "opening", but now rumors are spreading that this part of the queue will be removed soon. Can anyone confirm, and if so, any news on a replacement?
  3. Testtrack321

    Be PASSIVE about the Lights of Winter!

    The Lights of Winter. It's a large fence with strings of Christmas lights on it. In a world of complaining and complaining of complaining, and then complaining about the complaining of complaining, we need a voice from neither side. A calming reminder that Epcot still has Soarin', the...
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    Awesome HM Ghost Host Narration Shirt

  5. Testtrack321

    Any Venture Brothers Fans?

    So season 4.2, 4 1/2, 5?, starts TONIGHT. Anyone obsessed with this show like I am? /starts beat boxing I Am Evil like 21 and 24... Will 21 join Sphinx? (SPHINX!) Will Brock come back to the family? Will Hank finally get rid of that mullet? Will Dean MAKE OUT WITH A GIRL!?!?!?! All...
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    More New Disney Store Information
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    Testrack321's Year in Movies

    Hello all, this is it, my top 5 movies of 2009. It's a list, the bread and butter of all lazy writers, and I'm darn proud of that. 2009 has been an interesting year for movies with surprise hits, huge let downs, delays, and "wow we can smell the suck 100 miles away"-ness everywhere. Want to...
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    Muppets sing 12 Days of Christmas with Jimmy Fallon (video)

    They recreate the John Denver skit, still pretty awesome with some surprises. Merry Christmas all!
  9. Testtrack321

    RnR testing queue-less system that Dumbo's going to use

    Little details, but here are some pictures... Getting info and details from @touringplans on twitter. More to come.
  10. Testtrack321

    THE Mystery Science Theater 3000 on HULU!

    Yes that's right, one of the best shows on TV is now on Hulu for FREE. So if you want to get all those references EpcotServo makes, what DEEP HURTING really is, and so forth and so on, follow the hallway down to the theater... Push the button...
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    Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody Pure genius
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    Monorail Teal?

    Little birdie told me that we'll see Monorail Teal rolling sooner than later at the World.... Thoughts? Comments?
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    Magic Kingdom Tilt-Shift Video

    Really cool video that makes everything look like a model!
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  15. Testtrack321

    Who Is THE MOLE?

    It starts tonight. 12 contestants. $500,000. One saboteur. Who is the mole?
  16. Testtrack321

    New Wall-E Trailer (with story line!) WOW, it looks good.
  17. Testtrack321

    New Year of Dreams Giveaway: Extra Hour in the Park!

    Yes guys, Epcot tomorrow tried out for the first time a NEW promotion for Year of Magical Dreams, and extra hour in the park. About 1000 people got free reign of all of Future World (except Innoventions) for one hour. No lines at all. The dream crew was in Innoventions in the afternoon giving...
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    Blue Man Group Orlando Preview VIDEO! REVIEWS! PHOTOS! INTERVIEWS! Go check this out and get your tickets ASAP!
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    Embed Test

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    20 Years Ago Today.....

    A small part of Industrial Light and Magic was bought by Steve Jobs and then spun off. We now know this company as Pixar. Happy Birthday Pixar!
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