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  1. mikejs78

    Galaxy's Edge timeline is history

  2. mikejs78

    The falling out between Iger and Chapek
  3. mikejs78

    Disney considering spinning off ESPN?
  4. mikejs78

    Magic Kingdoms Universe coming to Disney+

    A set of fictional shows based on Disney Parks properties. Now, when I started reading this I thought it sounded a bit hokey (and it still could be) - but then when I saw that the series...
  5. mikejs78

    Loss in confidence in Chapek as CEO?

    Saw this in the NY Times yesterday. Reading between the lines, it seems pretty disparaging of Chapek. Notice even in the quote about reductions in workforce, Iger says that it will be "up to my successor"; he doesn't say Chapek. Could Chapek's tenure as CEO be over before it started? Could...
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    Kevin Feige promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel

    Will be in charge of all creative for Marvel.
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    Minnie Van Airport Service

    Does anyone have any experience with using the Minnie Vans to/from MCO? We've always rented a minivan in the past, but with the cost of rentals (for Vans) increasing and Disney's new parking fee, the Minnie Van may be more cost effective. I'm currently evaluating that vs the cost of a rental...
  8. mikejs78

    Going during peak time

    So we are used to going to WDW during fairly non-peak times. My wife and I used to go often in October (before kids) for Food and Wine, and occasionally in early December. So other than our Honeymoon (Aug of 2004) and one other trip that happened to coincide with Spring Break (2005), we...
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    WDW with a 20.5 month old

    So we just had our last trip in April of this year. It was the first with DS at 10 months old, and our older son who was 7 years old. Originally we were thinking our next trip would be a few years out, but this past trip we got bitten by the Disney bug and are now thinking about a trip in Feb...
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    MagicBand chime sound

    Anyone know where I could get a high quality sound file of the chime used when scanning a magic band (e.g. at park entrance/FP+)? Want to use it as my SMS alert sound...
  11. mikejs78

    Book Recommendations

    I'm going on a rather lengthy business trip for work and was looking for some recommendations on WDW history books - I'm interested particularly in histories of WDW itself, Epcot, or any of the other parks... Anyone have recommendations?
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    Batuu setting in new Star Wars Novel

    Battu, being the planet setting for Galaxy's Edge.
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    News Shareholders Reject Bob Iger Compensation Package

    Presented without comment:.
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    Epcot FP+ Day of drops

    Does anyone know if there are day-of FP+ drops on Soarin/TT/FEA, and if so, what times they usually drop?
  15. mikejs78

    Rope Drop Epcot from International Gateway

    Anyone do rope drop from international gateway lately? What's the current procedure? How long of a wait time can I expect coming from IG if we get there before 8:30 and walk decently fast? We're going in mid-April, so FastPass selection is coming up. Current thinking is to do Frozen at rope...
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    Infant and naps

    Going on a trip this April with our almost 8-year old son and 10-month old son. For those who have travelled with infants to WDW, how did you handle naps? We suspect he will (hopefully) be down to two naps by then and are thinking one nap in the stroller (morning) while in the parks and one...
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    CEO Bob Chapek?
  18. mikejs78

    Videos of Nighttime Spectaculars in Disney Now App

    Not sure if people were aware of this, but the Disney Now app has a section 'Disney Parks Magic' that has HD High Quality recordings of two of WDWs nighttime Spectaculars - Happily Ever After has been there for a while, and Rivers of Light just got added this week. I suspect more will be coming...
  19. mikejs78


    "More Lost Service at WDW"... "just another example of poor management at disney" "Why is Disney doing it? Why does Disney do ANYTHING lately? To be cheap!" "Disney going down fast. We need another CEO." These are quotes from this "news and rumors" forum - from 2001.. With all the negativity...
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