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  1. James J

    Reservation expansion

    Not necessarily made up, but it sounds like he's massively confused things at the very least.
  2. James J

    Savi's Workshop Reservations Unavailable for August?

    The reservations have been going online later and later, and it's a problem that guest services were aware of when I called up to book it at 60 days. Around the 50 day mark was when they started to appear and we managed to get in.
  3. James J

    *Almost* All the best WDW restaurants!

    Second this - we love it and my parents enjoyed it so much on our May trip that they also went back multiple times.
  4. James J

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Yeah agreed, and as both of us suffer with allergies we initially thought it was that as she hadn't taken any meds for a couple of days. After two and a half years though we figured that if we were going to catch it anywhere, our luck would be that it'd be at WDW as we seem to have a bit of a...
  5. James J

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    We didn't hear much coughing during our two weeks in Orlando, aside from a guy who fell asleep on a bus back from Disney Springs who woke himself up by choking on his own saliva. However, it turns out that my wife did catch Covid in WDW! On our last day she said that she was feeling a bit...
  6. James J

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I was successful in this, and am super happy right now! My wife and I both rode with smiles on our faces throughout. It's a fantastic ride.
  7. James J

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    I rode a couple of hours ago and my experience was the total opposite of this. It's the most fun I've had on a ride at WDW and easily jumps into my top 3, and I could hear other guests saying similar things as we all exited. The Creations shop was packed around the Guardians merchandise too -...
  8. James J

    which park/resort breakfast buffetts are the old style?

    Cape May has been back to buffet since February. Boma and Crystal Palace have also been back for a while, though characters haven't yet returned to CP I believe.
  9. James J

    News Magic Kingdom 4:30pm close in May 2022 (originally January 25 2022)

    Yeah, it's pretty nasty out right now! Currently watching the severe rain, thunder and lightning from our hotel room on International Drive.
  10. James J

    No big upcoming attractions after TRON?

    It's actually Terminator 2 ;)
  11. James J

    Why I Will Definitely Go Again

    For those of us who travel from across the other side of the Atlantic, we always have a decent wait between trips so it feels more special when we're in the World. We last went in October 2019 for our Honeymoon, and our cancelled 2020 trip is finally happening this weekend. This time next week...
  12. James J

    Question on travel between resorts...

    Ride share is by far the easiest way to get between most resorts. My wife and I used Lyft multiple times on our last two trips and will do again next week, as we're staying at CSR but have dining reservations all over property.
  13. James J

    Housekeeping door knocking at 8am on check-out days - what's going on?

    Or you could not make generalisations, as @nickys said. 10% is indeed the standard here in the UK, but we know that around 20% is the minimum expected in the US for good service. I completely get that there are European families who don't know the custom and won't tip/will tip too little. You...
  14. James J

    Housekeeping door knocking at 8am on check-out days - what's going on?

    Actually, we do. A lot of us are well aware of customs in different countries when we travel, and are fully prepared to tip. We bring cash with us solely for this purpose.
  15. James J

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    Did you mean the 14 day Magic Ticket? I wouldn't say that Genie + is included, you still have to check a box to add it on. It's just at a discounted rate of £6.99 per day. We did the same thing for our trip next week, so can't wait for the fun and games with that to begin. Congrats on the...
  16. James J

    Paying With Cash

    We do, that's another good option. Which I entirely forgot to look into until yesterday so have left it too late for my trip!
  17. James J

    Paying With Cash

    As you're travelling from the UK/Ireland, wouldn't loading up a travel debit card be a better option? I've got a Caxton FX card which I've had since 2017, which works just like a normal debit card and you load it up with USD via an app. It's super convenient and means we don't need to take much...
  18. James J

    Reservation Problems

    Not one I've heard in England I must say!
  19. James J

    Resort Refillable Mugs Status?

    Oh I'm fully aware of how they work. I more meant it that if the poster was thinking of taking the mugs into a TS restaurant already filled to drink with their meals, then that's not a good look. And if it was just to re-fill, then that won't work for the reasons stated.
  20. James J

    Resort Refillable Mugs Status?

    Taking a refillable mug into a Table Service restaurant I'd have thought would be frowned upon. Just seems like a way to avoid paying for a drink?
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