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  1. MagicHappens1971

    Merchant of Venus construction

    Please delete if this thread already exists, but I haven’t seen anyone post about it. The store has black tarps up and a temporary wall between Auntie Gravity and it. Wonder why?
  2. MagicHappens1971

    WDW regular visits DLR

    Hi I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, I don’t usually spend much time on the DLR forum. As a Florida native, I’ve been going to WDW since I was little and have probably been about 40+ times. Im finally getting the chance to go to Disneyland in a few weeks. Im doing a day at DL...
  3. MagicHappens1971

    FastPass+ Disappearing on Some Attractions?

    I apologize if this is being discussed anywhere else, but I haven't seen it. I forget where I heard about it a few days ago, but Inside the Magic, just posted about how the FastPass signs are being taped over, covered, etc on a few attractions, Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Kilmanjaro Safari. I...
  4. MagicHappens1971

    Disney+ on Resorts TV's?

    I'm checking into Disney this week and need to watch the WandaVision season finale while there, I did a little googling and it appears Disney+ is only on the TVs at the newer resorts, does anyone know if its available at all of the resorts?
  5. MagicHappens1971

    Ian & Barley from Onward Characters

    Not sure how successful Onward will do and when or if we’ll be getting a meet and greet with the main characters but saw this picture and thought I’d share. (@thehealthymouse on Instagram)
  6. MagicHappens1971

    Park VPs

    I know this is a stupid question but what do the VPs of each of the parks do? And how do you become one?
  7. MagicHappens1971

    Snack cart in queue

    So today I was waiting on line for flight of passage, they had set up a snack and beverage cart and were stopping the line to sell snacks and drinks. Just thought this was a new one and figured it should be posted about
  8. MagicHappens1971

    Upgrades and Improvements to Disney Transport

    "Larry Truong writes: “Our buses, monorails, boats and trams aren’t just modes of transportation for our Guests and Cast Members,”says JasonKirk vice president of Walt Disney World Transportation Operations, “They are apart of the fun and a part of the immersive Disney experience.” Special...
  9. MagicHappens1971

    Disney Jr. Refurb may be on the way

    MiceAge stated that a Disney Jr. refurb may be in the works for DCA, "Disney Jr. will be re-purposed into a new toddler stage show still hosted by the Disney Jr. cable channel when it reopens later in the year." I'm just wondering if anyone heard of TDO is planning on breathing new life into it...
  10. MagicHappens1971

    Resort Specific Paper Goods Making a Return

    I know that there had been hints towards returning to resort specific cups and plates when the new cup designs debuted, I just saw this new plate today on Instagram, and I think it may be safe to assume they will definitely be making a full return.
  11. MagicHappens1971

    New times guide design

    Not the most breaking news but figured I'd share these pics I found if the new design for the times guides.
  12. MagicHappens1971

    Passholder single day ticket offer

    I thought this was interesting, 1 day park hopper for $79, the email reads "For a limited time, Passholders can bring a friend to experience all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Show them the magic you know so well, including the incredible Main Street Electrical Parade before it leaves...
  13. MagicHappens1971

    The Plaza Restaurant has a new menu

    New menu at The Plaza. (not my picture)
  14. MagicHappens1971

    Bay Lake Tower currently being evacuated

    Hoping for nothing major but just wanted to post that (according to a guest on FB) BLT is being evacuated and alarms are going off. I hope everyones okay
  15. MagicHappens1971

    Tomorrowland Terrace is open with a new menu

    Tomorrowland Terrace opened today with a new menu, any word on if it's staying open or just seasonal as it used to be?
  16. MagicHappens1971

    "Show" keeps getting worse

    [redo] Ok so the posters appear really faded but I'm not sure if they're intentionally that way.
  17. MagicHappens1971

    Are the princesses getting make overs?

    Mulan & Pocahontas debuted new looks today! Has anyone heard about if the other princesses will be getting new looks? (Not my pics)
  18. MagicHappens1971

    What's up with Expedition Everest?

    I know rides go down all the time so it's annoying to post threads everytime they do. But I've been seeing a lot recently that they've been evacuated off of EE and that it's been breaking down a lot. Has it gone down for a big refurb since it opened?
  19. MagicHappens1971

    TSMM now using StoryMaker

    This is one of the most creative ways of implementing StoryMaker in my opinion (not my picture)
  20. MagicHappens1971

    Space Mountain now utilizing StoryMaker

    Space Mountain is now putting guests names with quotes as you walk up the moving walkway after exiting the ride. (Not the best picture, and it's from Insidethemagic)
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