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  1. Garfield Builder

    Hazbin Hotel: The Musical

    One of the best adult musical series, in my opinion, is Hazbin Hotel. That's why I decide to adapt the pilot episode into Hazbin Hotel: The Musical.
  2. Garfield Builder

    Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Deoxys

    It is my fan game idea that I need help with. It has the following worlds: DisneySea (based on Tokyo DisneySea), Kingdom in The Woods (Bambi), Nemo's Home Ocean (Finding Nemo & Finding Dory), Kingdom of The Sword In The Stone (The Sword In The Stone), Home of 101 Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians)...
  3. Garfield Builder

    DisneySky Paris

    D Hulk think Disneyland Resort should have DisneySky, but why not Disneyland Paris? Here's DisneySky Paris Like D Hulk's DisneySky, DisneySky Paris has seven "destinations" for our guests' enjoyment and also has Mt. Helios as the park's central icon around which said destinations are gathered...
  4. Garfield Builder

    Marvel S.E.A. Universe

    I got this idea in my head for a while now. Let me show you my Cinematic Universe Marvel S.E.A. Universe This combines the stories of Marvel comics with the S.E.A. mythos from Tokyo DisneySea. In this universe, the Marvel comics characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man. etc.) are members of the...
  5. Garfield Builder

    Disney Spain Resort

    I got an idea for an exciting new resort located in Madrid, Spain and it's called: Disney Spain Resort The Spanish would like to take a trip to this resort. The resort is divided into two parks: Disneyland Spain and Spain DisneySea. There is a limited capacity. But we'll start in... Disneyland...
  6. Garfield Builder

    Hazbin Hotel: The Musical (brainstorming ideas)

    Based on the Hazbin Hotel Cartoon set in the Underworld, Hazbin Hotel: The Musical, tells the story of the Princess of the Pentagram City.
  7. Garfield Builder

    Disney Imagination Pioneer Adventure Park

    Disney Imagination Pioneer Adventure Disney Warrior's Disneyland Texas needed a next-door neighbor, so I decided on DIPA. This Disney Park should explore the value of imagination. The park should have the following areas: Imagination Road This entryway of Disney Imagination Pioneer Adventure...
  8. Garfield Builder

    Disney Music Brainstorm

    I have an idea to write songs for Disney to use
  9. Garfield Builder

    South Korea DisneySea

    South Korea DisneySea is my idea of a Disney Park located right next door to Disneyland Seoul. It has seven "ports of call". Guests can enter this park through Italian Harbor. This entrance "port of call" is themed as the fictional Villaggio di Volo Fantastico, an Italian port city known for...
  10. Garfield Builder

    S.E.A. Cinematic Universe Talk

    The S.E.A. Cinematic Universe is the cinematic universe created by armchair Imagineers. But I can imagine new films for this.
  11. Garfield Builder

    DisneySky Expansion

    D Hulk's DisneySky could use some polish, but luckily I am just your Imagineer to do it.
  12. Garfield Builder

    What I think of DisneySky

    D Hulk's DisneySky is an impressive theme Park and Disney's Third Gate in California, but I could make it better!
  13. Garfield Builder

    New Disney Song Ideas

    Hey! Me again. I am going to work on a new series of Disney songs. Who would join me?
  14. Garfield Builder

    Brainstorming Ideas For Musicals

    Hi, me again. I was thinking. I would like to brainstorm ideas for musicals. Who would like to join the project?
  15. Garfield Builder

    Walt Disney World Adventure Park

    Walt Disney World Adventure at Sydney Australia Project Idea Imagineers needed Backstory: The park is a dedication to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline found in Disney Parks. The plot revolves around the visits of New Society members (visitors to the park) to world locales...
  16. Garfield Builder

    Florida DisneySea

    I got an idea for my own park Florida DisneySea. The park should have seven themed areas or "ports of call" like Tokyo DisneySea. But unlike the park in Japan the ports of call are: San Fransokyo Bay - the entrance port based on the 2014 (the year I graduated) film Big Hero 6 Native American...
  17. Garfield Builder

    Disney S.E.A.

    I got an idea for Disney Cruise themed to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline called Disney S.E.A.! It is devided into decks, or "world ports" as they are called.
  18. Garfield Builder

    Disney Project's Tower of Terror

    Tower of Terror or The Curse of The S.E.A. Tower Hotel Story: Haley Hightower, Hellen Mystic, Beth Bullion, Jane Chandler, Max Oceaneer, Jeanie Linsey, Allexa Falls, Mandy Ashley Pleasure and Carlos Falco are descendants of Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A. for short). They build...
  19. Garfield Builder

    My Disney Dream Park

  20. Garfield Builder

    Disney Project (Dream Park)

    The Disney Park of my dreams. I just need ideas for rides and Attractions.
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