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  1. TwisterMomma

    Agent P's World Showcase Adventure--it's fun

    I feel like this game deserves a bump. We played it on our trip a few weeks ago (actually my husband did most of it with the kids while I was in line for Test Track, but I got to experience some of it) and it is really pretty cool and a neat way to explore the World Showcase. It isn't overly...
  2. TwisterMomma

    Disney Photopass--what am I missing?

    I'm finally getting around to downloading all our photos from photopass...what am I missing here? Whenever I try to download all 395 photos with the "Download All" button, it sets up a download for 308 photos?
  3. TwisterMomma

    Trip Report First time with all the kiddos!

    We are back and it was awesome! And completely exhausting! We were there April 30-May 7 and split our stay between Wilderness Lodge and Caribbean Beach. We took our three kids ages 5, 3, and 18 months. My parents traveled with us and camped at Fort Wilderness. Here are the things that worked...
  4. TwisterMomma

    Dry Weather--no campfires

    I've noticed this message on the resort websites. Does anyone know what the alternate activity is and how much rain it will take for the campfires to start back up?
  5. TwisterMomma

    Pre-Trip Taking the kids for the first time

    I think my family is tired of hearing about yay for a place to talk about it with people who care ;) The first week of May we are taking our kids to Disney for the first time! I went multiple times as a child and my husband and I went with our in-laws and our then 6 month old daughter...
  6. TwisterMomma

    Guests at Pools

    I realize this is a sensitive subject...hoping I don't upset anyone! We go to Disney in one week! We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge the first half of the trip and Caribbean Beach the 2nd. The pools were a major factor in our choices and I have pool afternoons planned at both. Now for my...
  7. TwisterMomma

    Draining Snack Credits at the Magic Kingdom/Polynesian

    We will be at the Magic Kingdom and Polynesian Resort ('Ohana) the last day of our dining plan (doing a split stay) and I think we are going to have a lot of snack credits to burn. I plan on getting some "fun stuff" at the Main Street Confectionary, but I'd like to use the rest of things we can...
  8. TwisterMomma

    What would you do with a kid free evening?

    My parents are coming along with us on our trip in May and will be taking the kids for us one evening so my husband and I can get some time alone together. We will be spending the day as a family in Magic Kingdom and then we are all having an early dinner at 'Ohana and then they will leave with...
  9. TwisterMomma

    Be Our Guest lunch preorder questions

    We're less than 30 days out! I'm getting ready to make our Be Our Guest Lunch pre-order and realized I have a ton of questions We are on a reservation with my parents, who are not on the Disney Dining Plan, but we are. How will payment work? This is sort of a general question--can a kid's meal...
  10. TwisterMomma

    Wearing costumes to Disney

    This trip will be my 5 year old's first trip to Disney. I wouldn't call her completely Princess-obsessed, but she loves dress up and is a Princess fan. I'm wondering whether we should bring some of her costumes to dress in? It's May, so it will be on the hotter side, but we could easily shove...
  11. TwisterMomma

    Caribbean Beach Room Request

    I'm trying to put a room request on our room at Caribbean Beach--I'm hoping for something close to the main pool. The level we booked (only type available at the time) was water view. From what I've gathered, our best bets are to request Aruba 51 or Jamaica 44 or 45. However, when I try to...
  12. TwisterMomma

    Animal Kingdom/Rivers of Light Conundrum

    We will be going to Animal Kingdom for this first time during this trip. We have 5, 3, and 18 month old kids, so burning out is a concern. We are staying at Wilderness Lodge. We have fastpass reservations going until about 1:15 pm. We did book a Rivers of Light dining package, but the...
  13. TwisterMomma

    Booked wrong resort--now I want to change it all! Will this work?

    I've been planning this trip for over a year and I cannot believe I've missed this in the countless hours I've spent researching things! We are booked for a week the first week of May. I thought we were staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter in a pool view room. We are actually staying at...
  14. TwisterMomma

    2017 Kids Quick Service Dining Plan Question

    I had read in the past if your child wants to order an adult meal at a counter service restaurant, there was no issue as quick service credits were not distinguished between adult and child meals like table service credits. Given there have been a few changes to the 2017 dining plans, is this...
  15. TwisterMomma

    Too much?

    Hello--we are 2 months out from our first family Disney Trip (we took our oldest with my in laws when she was 6 months old, but she obviously doesn't remember that!) and I'm finalizing all the details. We will be going for a week in early May with our 5 year old, 3 year old, and 17 month old. I...
  16. TwisterMomma

    Character Dinner: 1900 Park Fare vs Tusker House

    We are using the Disney Dining Plan and I need to make a choice between these two with our last table service dining credit. We have reservations for both right now, so that isn't a big deal--although the Tusker House reservation is at 4:15, so earlier than I would prefer to eat. 1900 Park Fare...
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