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    In regards to the tri-state 14 day quarantine

    What will be interesting to see... if we get any first-hand reports... is if Disney enforces this. Will they turn away anyone with a resort reservation and and ID from the tri-state area? Will a reservation holder be notified in advance?
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    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    I was able to make reservations for everyone in my party except me. My AP expires in 61 days (before my trip). Tomorrow will be 60 days and I'm supposed to be able to renew it at that point, right? Will a renewal link magically :/ appear at midnight tonight?
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I'm wondering what will be included in the extension announcement. Will it simply say closed until x/xx, or will it be detailed as to what parks/resorts/restaurants will open when and at what capacity.
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    Disney Dining Experience Changes

    Another unanswered question from that email... is the 18% on the pre-discount or post-discount amount? I don't like forced gratuities like this. If service is excellent, I tip 20% in the pre-discount amount. If bad, 15% or less on the pre-discount amount. No more flexability... boo...
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    Very Important! Please READ! Discount code CZF

    After reading the past 2 posts, I called CRO again on this. Now I'm told that to use CZF, you must have a Disney Visa to BOOK the reservation. It does not need to be used to pay for the reservation or eventual room charges. It DOES need to be presented at check-in for verification. CRO...
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    Very Important! Please READ! Discount code CZF

    Ok, now this is interesting. I called CRO to check on my CZF discount and was told that it does NOT require a Disney Visa card on checkin. My confirmation also does not make any mention of this requirement. Usually the confirmation (for a AAA or AP discount) mentions the special...
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