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  1. Angel Ariel

    Disability and Disneyland Paris

    We are contemplating taking DD (10) to Disneyland Paris in January 2023. In some brief research I’ve done so far, I’ve seen the information about the Priority Cards and Easy Access Cards. DD has a rare genetic condition that is not on the list of conditions provided for the Easy Access Card, so...
  2. Angel Ariel

    Airplane Bathroom Accessibility - White House Call 4/14

    For anyone who is interested in information regarding the DOT’s proposed updates for aircraft bathroom accessibility, there is a White House Zoom tomorrow that will, in part, share information on this. Info below. I know this is an issue we have started running into as our child gets older, and...
  3. Angel Ariel

    Storytellers Cafe - NOT the breakfast

    Does anyone have any experience with Storytellers for lunch they can share? I'm considering this as an option as a table service lunch on one of our DCA days (we've eaten at Carthay and Wine Country before, Ariel's is closed on our trip). I did a search looking for recent (past year) posts...
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