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  1. Tom P.

    Rumor Rosa Mexicano restaurant possibly coming to the Dolphin

    There is no such thing as too much steak.
  2. Tom P.

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    Spotted in the wild.
  3. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    Wait. Are you suggesting we should not apply Canadian standards? Why not? What has Canada ever done to you?
  4. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    I think you would find that your definition is not the legal one and would not hold up in court.
  5. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    Technically, yes, something was stolen. The fact that I give something back to you does not change the fact that I stole it in the first place.
  6. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    Well, I think most people would agree that there is a big difference in warranted response between "imminent danger" and "somewhere you shouldn't be." Regardless, I don't think the response was appropriate in either circumstance, but what is appropriate for the cast member does change if there...
  7. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    Still disagree entirely. You never take someone's property, even briefly, unless the property itself is the item causing the danger. Doesn't matter how many different conditions you add to the list. Never.
  8. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    I blame the cast member, yes. Because what he did was the most likely approach to escalate the situation and cause more problems. He's lucky that the guests remained calm and didn't have a strong reaction. No one is going to convince me that what he did was appropriate. And, no, I wouldn't sue...
  9. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    Disagree entirely. This should be an immediate termination level offense. No ifs, ands, or buts. As I said, unless someone is carrying something that is *directly* posing a danger, such as a weapon, you do not mess with someone's personal property. Ever. For any reason. Period.
  10. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    I'm not saying don't react. I'm not saying don't react quickly. I'm saying this should have been handled in a different way than taking someone's property, even temporarily. There is simply no justification for that. The cast member could have easily gotten those people off the platform without...
  11. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    I understand that safety trumps everything else, and I agree with that. However, there was no reason that the cast member needed to run through and snatch the ring. That is the part that was uncalled for. They should have simply walked up to the couple and calmly asked them to move along. If...
  12. Tom P.

    World Class Customer Service

    There is no excuse for the cast member to have taken the ring. None. There's no grey area there. It was improper, uncalled for, and should get the cast member fired. Not disciplined, fired. Yes, the guests were stupid. Yes, social media has turned people into morons. Yes, they should not have...
  13. Tom P.

    Let's be Carousel of Progress going to last the next five years?

    I don't believe they'll close it. Avoid updating it and let it stay in disrepair, sure. But I don't see them actually shutting it down.
  14. Tom P.

    AKL for adults only trip?

    Since you quoted amounts in pounds, I presume that you are in the UK and so that offer wouldn't be available for people in the United States?
  15. Tom P.

    Please delete.

    IMHO, the general Covid thread, and pretty much all Covid discussion, have been the death of this place. I'm not criticizing the mods. No one could have known how things would go over the past two years. But the Covid discussions have completely torn this community apart. You can even see it in...
  16. Tom P.

    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    I think there's an aspect that is being missed here. Disney's goal is to get people to book at their resorts and then to keep them on property throughout their entire stay. If a guest sees Disney as all-inclusive, and never leaves the property, then they are constantly spending money with...
  17. Tom P.

    No big upcoming attractions after TRON?

    Nope. Aliens. But Terminator 2 is a close second.
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