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    Parades & F! Update?

    That other site is rumoring that Christmas Fantasy Parade(not surprising since Christmastime Parade returns to MK in Nov)and MSEP is testing/returning to DLR? Any new update regarding Magic Happens and Fantasmic's return???
  2. J

    MSEP with Return To OZ!!!

    Found an awesome Vid on YT of a Full MSEP with Return To OZ unit!! It's from July 1985! Here it is!:
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    Interesting Believe 2018

    Just saw a very interesting vid on YT of Believe In Holiday Magic this year, Twitter is calling this a wind version, not bad since they didn't have to cancel the show! Does DL have wind restrictions on the low pyro some nights too? If this could be the off season weekday version in 2019, I'm...
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    MK Overnight Rehearsals next week?

    According to OTPN MK is having Overnight rehearsals next week. Anyone know if this is normal rehearsals or something we should look for?
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    Strange Night Times This Week AT MK??????

    I was looking at as I do every week, and saw strange times for MK's Nighttime Spectaculars: Wishes at 9, Only one CTM at 9:30 Only one MSEP at 10:00. All Week Anyone know what's up?
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    DAK Re Launch?????

    I don't think I ever saw this on here, but according to OTPN: Orlando Park News ‏@OrlParkNews Many already knew this, but Disney has confirmed that the official "re-launch" of Disney's Animal Kingdom will take place in April 2016. True???? Yes ROL and night safaris will be here but I...
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    Earfell Tower to be removed Earfell Tower to be removed
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    I Love Orlando/ Enjoy Florida

    Does anyone on here get I Love/Heart Orlando? I do, but have not received the March/ April issue yet. I think my subscription is up to date, now I’m starting to wonder. Has anyone tried to subscribe to Enjoy Florida Magazine? You can find it in most off site hotels, just wondered if you can get...
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    2 FOFs starting Fri!

    Looks like MK got a new holiday week! Just looked at the online calendar and FOF starts 2 times a day on Friday and goes until the 21st! NICE!
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    New Trolley Show 2015

    ^Well this was a total surprise! When did this start??? IMO, This is MUCH better than last winter! Well Done MK! I looked on YT and the new costumes made it into the Welcome Show.
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    Unable to send E-Mail Alerts and post!

    Man! What a day I had! When I went on the forums this morning, I saw a banner saying: Attempts to send emails to(it had my E-Mail Address here)have failed. Please update your email. Update your contact details All my contact info is up to date. Nothing has changed in months and I was getting...
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