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    Space Mountain Sound effects

    How about the sounds on the lift hill and when you pass back under it? Do those still work?
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    Firefox update popup?

    So recently I've been having this problem where every now and then when browsing the forums, a page saying "Critical Firefox update" would pop up and try to get me to download it. You could just reload the page to go around it, so I didn't think much of it. However, today I got a different popup...
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    Comparisons To Expedition Everest Drop

    What's more intense than the drops is the G force from the turns and such. Especially the part when you go backwards and it feels like you're going upside down but you're really not. I don't think the drop itself is that bad.
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    Does anyone remember Disney World in 1987

    Holy double thread bump Batman!
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    The Hidden Carnotaurus on DINOSAUR!!

    Cool! :) Anyone know what these "other dinos" may be?
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    The Hidden Carnotaurus on DINOSAUR!!

    So wait, the Yeti isn't the only thing that has an A mode and B mode? I'm interested... do tell!
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    Minor missing show effect that bugs you

    You learn a new Disney tidbit every day. This thread will be fun :)
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    Minor missing show effect that bugs you

    *Ahem* The Yeti Sorry, that had to be said
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    Talking trash can ??

    Pipa the talking recycling bin, a talking tree, PUSH the trash can... all gone :(
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    Talking trash can ??

    Here's the Electric Umbrella one in case you're wondering.
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    Talking trash can ??

    Well actually there IS still a "talking trash can" in Epcot's Electric Umbrella. It doesn't move around or anything but just says prerecorded phrases when you dump trash in it.
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    SPLASH Fountain

    ..... When did it leave?
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    DisneyQuest downgrades

    And also, something else I noticed. All the Fix-it-Felix games have been removed, so you can't play those anymore either. It's a shame, really. This place has great potential if it could just get some upgrades.
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    DisneyQuest downgrades

    I just returned from a day at DisneyQuest and noticed many many things have changed since a year or two ago. For one thing, CyberSpace Mountain is no longer offering DVDs of your ride. Instead, they tell you to have a family member record your ride cam with their smart device. Similarly, in the...
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    News Tomorrowland love

    But this new one is very simplistic and gets boring. I think the current BGM has better beats than this new one. Seriously, the new music sounds like most music today. The current one is unique to Disney.
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    News Tomorrowland love

    If this is the new BGM, I think I'm going to cry :cry::cry:. I guess it's an okay beat, but seriously it's the same thing for 6 minutes. It's boring. I love the current music. It's one of those things that tells me that I'm in Disney World.
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    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for major refurbishment August to November 2016

    I've been searching all of Youtube and can't find anything. Does anyone know a video that actually shows the rocks shaking? How long ago was this accident?
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    Disney Dreams (Or Nightmares)

    Well, I actually just had a Disney dream last night. I dreamed that a monorail line ran from my house to Disney World. How convenient! Also, the monorail had seats built on the roof for extended capacity. Of course.
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    Space Mountain - difference ride experiences?

    I must be the only one who does not find Space Mountain excessively bumpy. If anything, it adds to the thrill.
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    Small World Extremelly Improved/COP

    So is the Sun working or not? It's been broken for ages. And aside from that, as others have said, the ceiling carousels really need to get fixed. AND, the tightrope walker/unicycle rider dude has been gone for even longer. But now we get to have our names told to us at the end of the ride, yay....
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