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    any particularly great deals on Hawaiian shirts?

    I recall the outlet mall near Old Town usually had a few "five for twenty bucks" or something similarly stupid cheap in bulk offers, but that was a couple of years ago since I was around there.
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    any good gifs of American Adventure Mark Twain smoking?

    I'm in the market for some :smoke: emotes and Robot Mark Twain seems like a good candidate. I'm not above making them myself but if somebody already did so much the better.
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    new stuff at ICON Park on International Drive couple of new thrill rides opened up yesterday edit - archive link
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    Dogecoaster on display at IAAPA Expo Clearly we next need a Hamster Dance boat ride like it's a small world. And "Pepes of the Caribbean"
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    AdventHealth buys Holy Land land so far they haven't said exactly what they're doing with the land but the vague statement makes it sound a lot more like more advent health and less theme park
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    mods could be worse, mad props

    I know I get a bunch of my junk pulled because I'm ungoodthinkful, but gotta give y'all kudos for not just fullon bringing down the hammer there's a lot of hotpockets who are worse than y'all you're my number one ni-uhhh nice person yeah that's it
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    Free admission for active military / veterans and family at Sea World through June 27th also available at the San Antonio and San Diego parks, Busch Gardens, etc
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    seems the old sushi thread was nixed for some reason...

    so sushi joints in Orlando-ish that are good? Bikkuri on Colonial has been very reliable for me for ages, but I can see how on the nights their club room is being loud why it might be an issue for some. Comfy view of Colonial from the booths and they stay open pretty late, too. I've only been to...
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    Holy Land Experience re-opening for two days for whatever reason, I assume something tax-related, they're randomly reopening Holy Land Experience for two days, Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th...
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    Funspot goes full Ozymandias archive archive “Mickey, I'm not a Republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you...
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    Best video for somebody who never rode Horizons?

    As much as I love Martin in a totes hetero way, his videos can get a little deep in the weeds about the backstory of the attraction and in the last few have gotten a little abstract, not in bad ways necessarily. I've got some younger nerd pals who are interested in what the future of the late...
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    If you really want to get married on the grounds and do it cheap...

    There's nothing prohibiting you from buying tix for you, your significant other, and a notary public who's game. Bring your paperwork and you can get married in front of Cinderella's Castle for under $1k if you think outside the box, and it'll be more important for a legal marriage in the state...
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    21.1 NuestraVision?

    Central FL tv stations is probably stretching "Other Orlando Attractions" but I'm trying to find out if it's really a thing around here. has a write-up on it. I've got a not-the-cheapest antenna but I can't pick it up near Maitland. Any idea what their...
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    that Travolta Gotti move

    Saw it for laughs with friends. Not very good as expected. That bit at the front and end of the movie with him basking in the glow of New York reminded us a lot of the China movie at Epcot, but with Travolta Gotti instead of the poet.
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    Any pics of the city at the end of World of Motion?

    Are there any good pics floating around of the dark and glowing future city diorama from near the end of World of Motion? I'd even settle for some ugly flash pictures showing the nuts and bolts of it, too.
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    Petting Zoos?

    Local here. The wife's had a wild hair to visit a petting zoo. Logically there should be some around here. Glancing at Gatorland's web site indicates they've got one. Any thoughts about theirs or others in the area?
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    Lining up for Impact Wrestling? Brining snacks and umbrellas to CityWalk.

    I'm probably going to try to catch Slammiversary next Sunday. I know it's lining up for a while by the Hard Rock / Blue Man Group ish area of CityWalk. I'm not familiar with current rules at CityWalk. Can I bring an umbrella? What about bringing snacks from home for the wait?
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