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  1. mightynine

    Room-Only Reservations/Pay By Phone

    I know that the balance of a room-only reservation is usually applied at check-in to the card used for the deposit, but is there any reason why if you want to pay that balance in advance you have to call to customer service, rather than making a payment online? I'm curious after having to hold...
  2. mightynine

    WDW Personal Shopping Service?

    So, here's the deal - I spy a hat I really like on the Shop Disney Parks app (this one, for the record), but it's an in-park only purchase, and apparently, once the app came around, the Merchandise Guest Services option where you could give them the SKU and your payment info over the phone and...
  3. mightynine

    Question About Buying Tickets

    Two weeks now until my first trip to DL, and I'm wondering if park tickets are sold in Downtown Disney. Considering our arrival time, I don't know if we'll make it to the ticket booth at the park before they close, but DTD is open much later. And to answer the next question "Why aren't you...
  4. mightynine

    Trip Planning Question: Week After Thanksgiving

    Thinking about making my first trip to Disneyland later this year, and was looking at the week after Thanksgiving, since that has worked before for WDW. Would be in the parks Tuesday - Thursday, maybe Friday as well. Has anyone been during that time? How are the crowd levels, weather, etc...
  5. mightynine

    Next Trip - Next Week! (11/15 - 11/20)

    This one's unexpected, as a friend of mine knows someone else who is a contracted employee of Disney, and as such apparently gets a bunch of CM discounts that she has to burn or she'll lose. Long story short, I get invited along for the ride. The week before Turkey Day isn't a time I've gone...
  6. mightynine

    Here's a very specific question.

    I'm going to visit a friend of mine, who has a hair up his you know what to drive to Epcot. So the questions are: 1. How bad are crowds around the weekend of April 10th? This would right after Easter and Spring Break, so I'm thinking it wouldn't be too bad for a Saturday. 2. If you had...
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