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  1. Waters Back Side

    Rider Swap Question

    Next year my family will be in Disney World for a 4th time. Finally all of us are ready to experience some of the more thrilling rides like Everest in AK, Slinky Dog in HS, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in MK etc. There is 5 of us..2 adults and 3 kids (ages 12, 9,9). The plan is that ALL 5 of us go...
  2. Waters Back Side

    Beaches and Cream...Kitchen Sink Only?

    Is it allowed to make reservations for Beaches and Cream and only order the Kitchen Sink and no meal? Only asking because it's actually a table service restaurant (not that I see the logic anyone using a table service credit for it). Thought about eating at Cape May Cafe for an early dinner...
  3. Waters Back Side

    Fantasmic 2nd Showing..

    7 of us in total will be in Disney during the Peak Spring Break week. We plan on spending the entire day open to close in DHS on Monday April 17th which has a showing of Fantasmic at 8:30 PM. It is a kids geared trip and have a 7 PM Dining Reservation for Hollywood and Vine. We do not intend...
  4. Waters Back Side

    Rider Swap Question

    With 3 kids and 2 adults, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train can be an issue if one child is too young to ride it without a parent next to them. it appars to be 2 per row strictly. However all 3 are tall enough to ride it. Is Rider Swap strictly for a parent waiting with a child who cannot go on the...
  5. Waters Back Side

    Super Early Dinner reservation Ohana..allowed to stay?

    If reservations were only available for Ohana for dinner at 6 or 7 pm and it was not in our plans to return to a park after, would they actually allow you to stay for 3 or 4 hours if you want to and the kids participate in the activities and we just eat leisurely and wait for the fireworks to...
  6. Waters Back Side

    Be Our guest dinner length

    Hi. New member and visiting Disney with my wife and 3 kids for a 3rd time. Amazingly, we have never eaten at Be Our Guest. We will be in Disney from April 14th-21st. (Too early yet to book ADRs but have begun to think about it since the 180 days is approaching in a couple of weeks)The 21st is...
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