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  1. Frankenstein79

    Making a better Magic Kingdom (update on pg. 8)

    If you made the section a celebration of the Native people I could see it working. But some people find it tough to look passed the facts. Pocahontas and John Smith weren't how the films portrayed them.
  2. Frankenstein79

    Animal kingdom expansion! In need of ideas

    I'd be alright with Raya, Animal Kingdom needs something else. Right now it doesn't have enough to keep me interested. It's got the corners covered, but not much else.
  3. Frankenstein79

    Universal Star Trek land and hotel

    Nope it isn't. STD's ratings are horrible and it has made people less interested in Star Trek. The same happened with Doctor Who and Star Wars, until The Mandalorian came out.
  4. Frankenstein79

    Disneyland Hawaii Resort (Open Brainstorming)

    I can understand where the Big Bad Wolf is coming from. I love bacon!
  5. Frankenstein79

    Mickeyville - A new land in Disneyland Paris

    They are making a pond/lake in the back of Walt Disney Studios. Which is kinda similar to the World Showcases layout on a smaller scale. It would be interesting if instead of Countries they had different lands like Star Wars, Frozen and Toontown.
  6. Frankenstein79

    Universal Studios Hollywoodland (Opened: 1996) (Location: France)

    I don’t think that Universal would have made it in the 90’s overseas. But it would definitely make it nowadays. Because Europe seems more used to and comfortable with American parks then they once were.
  7. Frankenstein79

    Americana 1900- The Complete Presentation

    Oh yeah, hands down! It is a beautiful section, which would look great in photos. Plus I'm really into Big Thunder Railroad and I'm getting Thunder vibes from it.
  8. Frankenstein79

    Your EPCOT future world ideas

    I know it's a rollercoaster, but with the animatronics it could really resemble quintessential Epcot. Timber Mountain is a good comparison because it's probably the closest to a Disney attraction outside Disney. Even though the animatronics aren't as sophisticated the atmosphere is really top notch.
  9. Frankenstein79

    Flight of the Hippogriff vs Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster

    They both stink, but Woody (though outdated) looks like it's much more fun. Hippogriff seems like it's too crammed together in a small area, which causes it to have less wide turns.
  10. Frankenstein79

    Universal's Aventura Hotel

    It looks like an alright resort, I just don't like the untheming. I would have liked it more if the interior had a more futuristic look. Like the Jetsons, but more new age.
  11. Frankenstein79

    New Mickey Mouse 2D animated series for Disney+

    Nope, I've been out of the loop when it comes to this Blot guy. What's he made out of? ... paint???
  12. Frankenstein79

    Fear Factor Live! sign removed

    Hopefully this is the first sign that Fantastic Beast Land was canceled. They can just put the Wizarding World characters we actually care about in the original parks.
  13. Frankenstein79

    Your EPCOT future world ideas

    Coco seems like a perfect fit for Mexico. I don't know why Disney hasn't made an attraction for it. Something tells me they were going to then Covid happened.
  14. Frankenstein79

    New Mickey Mouse 2D animated series for Disney+

    Oh wow, that's interesting. I've never seen him before today.
  15. Frankenstein79

    New Mickey Mouse 2D animated series for Disney+

    I think it's most likely they'll continue to make the Ren & Stimpy looking version. Which we currently see in Runaway Railway and what they've been putting on Disney Plus.
  16. Frankenstein79

    Anyone else see this?

    I'd rather they just put a Potter expansion where Fear Factor is. Because after the recent box office performances by Fantastic Beast, it seems silly to dedicate even half a land to it.
  17. Frankenstein79

    Anyone else see this?

    They own a lot of things like Illuminations and Dreamworks. Plus they seem to have a good relationship with WB now. So who knows what they could do. ... I'm good with a lot of things as long as it isn't an NBC land.
  18. Frankenstein79

    Anyone else see this?

    I love Harry, but they seem to be beating a dead horse. There's many other franchises they could go with.
  19. Frankenstein79

    "Pinocchio's Escape From Monstro" (needs a better title, among other things)

    It's possible. The only problem I have is with the Peoplemover being close by. But if it's a secluded area like New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Maybe you can hide it from view. Perhaps instead of near Cosmic, a singular entry way could go near Mad Tea Party.
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