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  1. skyphotographer

    Resorts - Week of May 6, 2019

    Is there an event this week? According to Disney online booking, every onsite room at WDW is unavailable that week. I have one room at Pop but now need another.
  2. skyphotographer

    Sci-Fi Dine-In

    Can't seem to get a reservation for any time in December of this year. However, January 2019 looks wide open. Is there refurb going on that hasn't been published?
  3. skyphotographer

    Pre-Trip Photographers 4th of July Solo "Prime Lense" Trip

    I'm going to make my first solo trip. It will be just me this time and the primary purpose will be photography. I'm taking my Sony A7Rii and 3 prime lenses. An 85mm 1.4, a 55mm 1.8, and my newly acquired 35mm 1.4 for the dark rides. I'll be staying at All Star Sports from July 4...
  4. skyphotographer

    Leaving soon

    First time staying for seven days. Decided to get a vacation home, first time for that too! Got an AP for me and a 6 day park hopper for my son. Countdown 5 days!
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