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    Firefox update popup?

    So recently I've been having this problem where every now and then when browsing the forums, a page saying "Critical Firefox update" would pop up and try to get me to download it. You could just reload the page to go around it, so I didn't think much of it. However, today I got a different popup...
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    DisneyQuest downgrades

    I just returned from a day at DisneyQuest and noticed many many things have changed since a year or two ago. For one thing, CyberSpace Mountain is no longer offering DVDs of your ride. Instead, they tell you to have a family member record your ride cam with their smart device. Similarly, in the...
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    FP for Test Track or Soarin'?

    It's an age-old question: Is the Fastpass for Test Track or Soarin more worth it? Both rides are important. Normally, I would pick Test Track because the queue can go outdoors, while Soarin's queue stays indoors (we're going in July). However, since Soarin will be reopening as Soarin Around the...
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    Must Do Disney fail?

    I was at Disney recently and I just noticed this on Must Do Disney. (Take a close look) Has anyone noticed this before? I know there are Toy Story easter eggs in Monsters Inc, but come on!
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    Cosmic Ray's talking trash cans

    I've read on multiple websites that Cosmic Ray's had talking trash cans (like at the Electric Umbrella, not Push). Of course, these were all relatively old posts and I've never seen such a thing at the restaurant. Does anyone know for sure if this existed or still exists? Maybe someone has seen...
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    What happened to the Magic Kingdoms game?

    They said it would come out sometime in 2015, but it never did. Is it still going to be released? It sounded like a really cool game and I, being a RCT3 fan, would have liked to play it.
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    Figment's air blast

    Although it's a relatively simple effect, I can't figure out where in the world the air comes from. I don't see any holes looking forward or in the ride vehicle. So how is it done? And does anyone else always jump when it goes off?
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    Cosmic Ray's bays changed?

    When I went to Cosmic Ray's last month, things seemed odd. Instead of the usual Bay 1 serving chicken, Bay 2 for burgers, and Bay 3 for sandwiches, it was different. All the signage stating what serves what was removed. Instead, CMs told everyone what was in each bay. I think there were 2 bays...
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