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  1. Wngo905

    Current Resort Policy on Room Charges - durring Covid

    I scanned this Resort chain looking to see if this was covered recently and don't see anything. What is the current policy on Room Charges and pre-authorizations to credit cards/debit cards? Last I remember, they were putting $100 holds immediately on cards to cover daily charges and increase...
  2. Wngo905

    Third Party Discount Tickets in 2020

    Maybe @lentesta is best to address this, unless someone else knows. I was on TouringPlans (thanks by the way) a few months ago and again just now searching ticket prices. It only lists Disney prices and not third party's. So I went directly to a third party site. While I searched dates in 2020...
  3. Wngo905

    Two DVC Resorts (but NOT a split stay, just a split party)

    First, I did a search on this but only see split stay posts. Second, I know that policies can change. Here is the scenario: We are a DVC family with AKL as our home resort. We are interested in booking a family trip December 27, 2021-January 2, 2022 (at AKL) 1 bdr value (Yeah I know that will...
  4. Wngo905

    Making phone dining reservations on holidays

    Sorry for the dumb question and “First World Problems” lol. In my many years of going to WDW, I have never made special dining reservations on a holiday. I know DVC Member services is closed on Memorial Day, is regular open? I need/want to reserve Hoop Dee Doo tomorrow and it is one you have to...
  5. Wngo905

    Question about One Time Use Points

    Hello All, We just signed the contract for a resale that will close early next year. The contract has some points to use before the next Use Year (banked from 2017 into 2018) and does not have full points for the 2019 Use Year (if that makes sense). The plan, if this is possible, is to buy the...
  6. Wngo905

    Satu'li Canteen Breakfast rumor

    I have seen one report on a Facebook group that breakfast will be discontinued at Satu'li and it will start serving lunch at 10am. Is this confirmed? If so, that is sad. I loved my breakfast there.
  7. Wngo905

    Base Line Tap House - DHS

    I just saw this on Disney Blog. I am having trouble placing where Grand Avenue will be. Where is this? Writers Corner, Staring Rolls or somewhere else?
  8. Wngo905

    Living with the Land - Old script question

    I have a question I have been trying to figure out the answer to for a long time. I listen to SourcerRadio a lot while at work. They play the audio from Living with the Land when it had the CM on the boat. He makes a comment about a new bean that I can never make out regarding a "ween bean"...
  9. Wngo905

    Souvenir Cups in Disney Springs?

    It appears that we are taking an impromptu Resort Only DVC Point rental trip in two weeks (haven't gotten room confirmation yet, but should soon.) We are not going to the Parks but plan to go to the pool, resort sightsee and do a lot of Disney Springs the few days we are there. Our latest thing...
  10. Wngo905

    1-95 Gas fill-up non-ethanol

    Hey all, We are hitting the road this week from Upper-SC to WDW. I recently began putting Non-ethanol in my car as I get much better gas mileage. I have some gas apps on my GPS and cell but non of them list locations that have non-ethanol gas. Does anyone know of a gas station near Brunswick...
  11. Wngo905

    Current Fantasmic Dinning package seating

    Quick question. I have seen conflicting reports about the Fantasmic dinning seating location. Is it witch or Pocahontas/Sourcer Mickey area, or other? TiA
  12. Wngo905

    Pick one - Sunday Oct 18 or Tues Oct 20 for MNSSHP

    You guys are the best and I know I will get some great answers. For the past four visits all of my family's trips have been at Christmas time (we are going this June:) This October we will be going with another family of four and their in-laws (total 10). The other family has been to Disney one...
  13. Wngo905

    Buzz Lightyear Fastpass+ change March 5

    Hey everyone, I did a search but did not see any posts about this nor listings in the refurb list. My mom forwarded me an email she received from Disney this morning saying that her FastPass for Buzz Lightyear on March 5 4:30-5:30 was "no longer available due to an unexpected change in the...
  14. Wngo905

    So many Annual Pass Questions

    I did a search regarding AP but due to the nature of my questions did not find all the answers, so I thought I would put the following out there. Sorry for the length. Background - The family and I rented DVC points for 7 nights this coming December at AKL-Jambo. We are planning to get APs...
  15. Wngo905

    Jambo House Topiary?

    Hey all, I have found pictures of the Wilderness Lodge DVC, Vero Beach DVC, and Hilton Head topiaries with the DVC sign. Does anyone have a picture of or is there a Jambo House (or even Kadani) topiary? Thanks in advance.
  16. Wngo905

    San Angel Inn DDP Question

    The family and I are going to WDW in 18 days, so excited. We are on the DDP and have one spot open, since it appears we will not be eating (soft opening walk-up) at Be Our Guest on November 12 (the spot we had reserved for BoG.) I am seriously thinking of taking the November 12 dinner spot at...
  17. Wngo905

    Help, the x-mas parade did not tape

    I am hoping someone can help us. We tape the parade each year but this year (either user error or Direct) the parade did not tape. We are on the East Coast and have Direct TV. Does anyone know if they will reshow it, purhapse a different channel, or if it can be downloaded (such as Hulu)?
  18. Wngo905

    Buying extra dining credits?

    Sorry if this has been answered on another post. I did a search but don't see anything listed under "dining credits" I thought I read something this summer where they announced that you could now buy extra meal credits. Now I can't find anything here or on the Disney website. Was I dreaming or...
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