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    Disney Sims Relaunched

    Due to various other commitments including University, I wasn't able to update the site for some time, but have recently just overhauled the complete site, and added a few new simulations including: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Mission Space Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and a couple more...
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    FNSV Layout/ Blueprints

    Finding Nemo Subs Layout/ Blueprints Does aybody have a layout/ blueprints of the track for the Submarine Voyage. Any help at all appreciated. Thanks Luke
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    Disney Ride Animations

    Hi, after a long time i have updated the Disney Ride/ Attraction Flash Animation Site with new animations and a few new features such as a proper site. There is one completely new Animation - Star Tours - and two newly re-done animations - Soarin' and Peter Pan's Flight. To view the...
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    Help Needed!- Great Movie Ride

    Hi, as you may know I make Ride animations in flash, and i was wondering if anybody had any information about the Grear Movie Ride, such as what the control panel etc. looks like (preferably with pictures). I would be extremely greatful if anybody can help. And dont forget to visit my site...
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    Test Track and Everest Flash Animations

    Test Track, Everest, and RnRC Flash Animations Hiya, i'm back after a load of computer trouble but, as promised here is the Test Track Animation. I have also included the link to the Everest animation if you didn't catch it in the other thread. Also could I please have any ideas about...
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    Typhoon Lagoon New Map?

    does anyone know if crush n gusher is on the new typhoon lagoon map and if so could you upload a copy cos it isn't on the disneyworld website Thanx
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