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    Wolfgang Puck Express

    I’m so bummed that Wolfgang Puck Express closed at Disney Springs. We always had good meals there. Has anyone heard if by some small chance they intend to reopen? I know it was reported they were permanently closed. Has anything opened up in that space?
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    WDW Railroad getting ready.

    Recently saw the article about the WDW RR going thru testing. Let’s hope it will reopen soon. It’s one of my fav rides.
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    Canceling an existing park reservation

    We had a trip planned for early March and made our park reservations. We canceled our resort reservations, but when I tried to cancel the park reservations, the “cancel” option did not appear. They still show on My Plans on the MDE app, however the resort reservation is no longer there. My...
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    10 minute call wait time!

    So this morning we decided to modify an upcoming reservation at POFQ. I was a little hesitant to try it online, so I made the decision to call Disney. I made a fresh cup of coffee and dialed the number. After punching in my rezzie number, I settled in for the long wait. The automated voice told...
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    How are POR and POFQ since re-opening?

    We’ll be staying at POFQ Christmas week. Has anyone stayed at either POFQ or POR since they reopened? How’s the food courts and the refillable mug stations? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! I would imagine they’re not operating at full resort capacity.
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    Boats to Disney Springs

    Are the boats from POR/POFQ operating to Disney Springs since they reopened? We’ll be there for Christmas week.
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    50th Refillable Mugs

    Are the resorts offering a 50th Anniversary Refillable mug design? We are heading there in December and usually purchase the Holiday themed mug. But I’d like to get a 50th if it’s being offered.
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    Buffalo Junction?

    The idea of a Fort Wilderness Railroad came to life again in 1992 with the announcement of the building of Buffalo Junction (sometimes referred to as Wilderness Junction), an area between Fort Wilderness Resort and Wilderness Lodge, which would have been an upscale resort themed to the Old West...
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    Flag Lowering at MK

    Do they still have the Flag Lowering ceremony at the MK? It used to be around 5 or 6 PM and involved a flock of doves flying up Main Street after the Flag was lowered. I remember seeing it quite a few years ago, but totally forgot they had it until I read an article recently about it.
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    Boats to DS from POFQ/POR

    Anyone have any info about the boats running to Disney Springs from POFQ/POR when they open next month? I know there’s staffing issues at WDW, but I would think those boat captain jobs might be easier to fill. But there’s more to the boats than piloting them. There may be a lack of maintenance...
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    If You Had Wings

    One of my Friends sent me YouTube clip of If You Had Wings. If was cool watching it and reminiscing! Especially seeing the Caribbean Island traffic policeman directing traffic!
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    POFQ Front Desk

    On our many trips to POFQ, our stay always got off to a fantastic start when Claudia waited on us when we checked in. There were a few times when we weren’t too fond of the location of our room, and she was able to work her Disney Magic, and find us a more desirable location. We hope to see her...
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    Heard a “rumor” Casey’s may be opening or it’s open. I hope it’s true.
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    Grand Floridian Walkway

    Is the walkway from The Grand Floridian to MK open?
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    Wolfgang Puck Express

    I know Wolfgang Puck Express has been closed, but I thought I read shortly after the announcement that it may be a temporary closure. Can anyone add info on this? We really enjoyed dining there. I know it didn’t seem busy most of the time. But it was away from a lot of the heavy traffic areas...
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    Casey’s re-opening?

    Has Casey’s Corner reopened yet? We were there in September and they were refurbishing it.
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    OKW to Disney Springs

    Are the boats still in operation from OKW to Disney Springs?
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    Electrical Water Pageant Parade

    Is the Electrical Water Pageant Parade still running?
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    Epcot Monorail

    Is the Monorail from TTC to Epcot still not running?
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    Magic Bands

    If this question has been asked previously, I apologize. Can you still use your Magic Band for purchases?
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