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    What will Disney announce for Disney World at the 2022 D23 expo?

    What do you guys think Disney announce for Disney World at the 2022 D23 expo?
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    Will there be Farewell Happily Ever After and/or Farewell Epcot Forever merchandise

    When wishes and illuminations was in its final run there was a merchandise line for farewell wishes and farewell illuminations. Do you guys believe the same could happen for Happily Ever After and Epcot Forever in August/September?
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    Could Disney have plans to reopen Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor with characters from Monsters At Work as part of the 50th anniversary celebration?

    It was rumored in the past that Disney would have 50 new additions to the park for the 50th anniversary. However, they still have not announced 50 new additions in total. With Monster, Inc. Laugh Floor still temporarily unavailable and Monsters At Work premiering on Disney+ recently, do you guys...
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    Disney World ABC's Game

    Everybody comment one word related to Disney World going down the alphabet! For example, one person types Adventureland for A then the next person types Barnstormer for B. I will go first!
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    Epcot Forever Limited Edition Magic Band

    Does anybody know if the Epcot Forever Magicband does a special effect when you scan into the parks?
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    2018 Food And Wine Festival Minnie Ears

    Where in Disney World can u get the 2018 food and wine festival Minnie ears? Is it only in Epcot or can u get it at Disney Springs and other parts in Disney World?
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    Help my ticket is missing

    Hi I’m going on vacation in fourteen days and I bought 4 7 day passes to Disney World. Somebody from my family was somehow removed from my list and now their name and ticket is missing and they were removed from my fast pass party. How do I fix this?
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