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    45 more Disney autism lawsuits dismissed, appealed

    I guess this was from yesterday, so I'm surprised it hasn't been posted already.
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    Pulse Victims Honored with Universal Studios Window

    Wow. What a great thing to do.
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    Weekend Getaway Trip

    It was a patience-testing trip for me, for sure. Due to a storm delay, I spent 8 hours at LaGuardia before finally arriving in Orlando at 5 am, only to have the Mears shuttle take a reservation-less woman and her 16 year-old daughter to Disney World FIRST before taking the rest of the occupants...
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    Disneyland Paris. . . My Impressions

    My first oversees trip, and I spent 6 days in Paris (2 at Disneyland Paris). Initially I had planned to spend 2 days at the parks, then after some preliminary planning I decided there was too much I wanted to see in Paris so I narrowed it down to one, but then after a day which included a strike...
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    New Survey from Universal on Airport Transportation

    I just took a survey for Universal regarding names for an airport transfer service. I guess Universal is now going to directly compete with Disney for ALL your vacation time. The names they had weren't all great. Most seemed like vacation planning applications (Universal Go, Universal's Go...
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    My Cabana Bay Review

    All in all I found myself enjoying staying here more than I have at the Disney values/moderates. The rooms seem smaller than even the values, but a lot of square footage for my room was devoted to the entry area and bathroom area, so they may technically be the same size, but definitely smaller...
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    7 Day Trip

    I don't usually do trip reports, but I thought, "why not?" I went to WDW for 7 days Sept. 23 through 29th. It's the longest I've stayed at WDW. Normally, I visit the resort 3 or 4 times per year, but this is the first trip I've taken since Dec. 2011 (I'm not counting the day trip I took on...
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    Disney learning its Lesson?

    So I'm staying at All Stars Sports (didn't even realize it was Pop Warner week when I booked it). After hearing all the stories, I was a little suspect on what to expect. So far, I haven't noticed any problems. Disney has security roaming the grounds...and I've never seen them at the resorts...
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    Disney Premiere Passport

    After doing some calculations, I discovered that if I were to purchase a regular AP to WDW and then take a separate 3-day tip to Disneyland, the price would be exactly the same as purchasing the Premiere Passport. Of course, it's actually a cost savings, because the Premiere Passport includes...
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    Question about Checking In and AP Rnewal

    Due to scheduling, my annual b-day trip to WDW is being moved up a week, which means I won't need to renew my AP. However, I have a Give a Day, Get a Day voucher, so I will need to visit again before it expires in mid-December (any excuse to go back). With that voucher and my Disney Visa points...
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    April 25 - 30, 2010

    So I booked a weeklong stay at Pop Century for that week (only coincidentally missing Cheerleader weekend!:sohappy: I don't imagine that the crowds will be too bad, but just wanted to know what the crowds are like this particular week. I figured that Spring breaks should be over by then and...
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    Upgrading to an Annual Pass

    I am going to WDW in September and booked the free dining offer. I only purchased a 1-Day MYW ticket because I wanted to earn more points on my Disney Visa and use that to pay for the rest of the MYW ticket (5 Day park hopper). The odds of me taking another trip within the next year are pretty...
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    Price Increases?

    I was just looking into a trip in late October or mid Novemeber and noticed that the room rates for a value resort are now $105! Now, I don't like to complain, but that is a rather significant price increase...and in this economy is rather disturbing. I know that with all the discounts they...
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    Disney Intervention

    I think it's time for an intervention when you plan your third trip to Disney within a four month time span! I recieved my bonus at work and decided to go to Disney...again...despite having already been in September and November! I think I need professional help (at least that's what my...
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    Free Dining, Room Charge and Tips

    Now I am not the planner like many of the people here are...I make it a point to know about procedures and sketch a rough plan of what I want to do, but other than that I tend to "wing it." I had set up a room charge on my Key to the World, and decided that I would leave my credit cards and cash...
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    Animal Kingdom Tour Reservations

    I am planning to take the Backstage Safari tour at Animal Kingdom when I go to Disneyworld alone this September. How far in advance should I make a reservation?
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    Monster's Inc. on ABC...And the hour-long Disney Parks Ad that Followed

    Did anyone see Monster's Inc. on ABC tonight? They had about an hour-long "preview" of pixar-related attractions at the Disney Parks that was essentially a commercial for Disney. It was hosted by John Goodman. While I was a bit bemused by the blatant advertisement, I thought it was a lot...
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    Disneyworld Alone

    Has anyone gone by themselves? I went last week with my boyfriend and only really enjoyed my self when we split and went our own separate ways...I was completely unencoumbered and was able to do what I wanted when I wanted. I am thinking of going again in September, but I am considwring going...
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    Spaceship Earth Error

    After visiting Disney last week, I noticed a factual error that I had noticed in my previous trip from 2006. In the scene depicting Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it shows him lying on his back on the scaffold and painting. However, historical records show, and the...
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