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  1. mikeanabean

    Please delete.

    It's just the same thing over and over again and gets old. Plus there are a lot of lawyers, virologists, political masterminds and know it alls on these sites too that turn people off.
  2. mikeanabean

    Are Disney food prices really over the top?

    For the current quality it is over the top.
  3. mikeanabean

    DIS Is Not Performing Well.. How Will This Effect Disneyworld?

    I totally agree with everything you said. I think they priced themselves too higher based on higher demand and it will bite them. I am starting to see some decent discounts in the future so disneys forecasting is showing storms ahead for sure.
  4. mikeanabean

    Starcruiser: What do you think it'll be used for in 5 years?

    I think this will be too big to fail. If after a few years it does not work out they will re theme the place and try that. I can't see them ever closing it. It won't be a place for the regular visitor due to the price and I think that want they want.
  5. mikeanabean

    Is Disney Too expensive?

    With these posts it seems like they either want to justify paying that price or justify not going and it’s getting old. I personally think it’s too expensive for what you get anymore. If it wasn’t for my Hilton points we would not be going in April.
  6. mikeanabean

    Disney forcing us to $pend even more at their re$ort$

    I am upset about the prices and the removal of perks but there is really only two things I can do. I can either accept the gouging or dont Go. If I go I just won’t get any souvenirs or anything like that.
  7. mikeanabean

    Complimentary Transportation Bus ever discontinued?

    I am sure during some discussion @ Disney they threw this on the table but realized that alcohol sales would probably drop if they too, away the DD. . If this was to happen then it would be IMO the begining of the end for WDW. I would no longer stay on property and could not drive since all of...
  8. mikeanabean

    Troubling Party Season Update

    We stopped going to these many years ago when the Kiddo grew out of it. The last one we went to was very crowded and that was 8 years ago Plus the cost was not worth it.
  9. mikeanabean

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    The Memories matter more to me. I am not a fan of the changes And like I said the future visits will be less frequent and I will spend less.
  10. mikeanabean

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    Watch out someone might not like your thoughts.
  11. mikeanabean

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    I will go back to remember the way things were and the fun I had as a kid with my mom and dad. That is why I will go back like I said it will be not as frequently as I use to. I also will have fun but will spend a lot less money. I am not mad with Disney I am disappointed with them and there is...
  12. mikeanabean

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    I have to agree with the OP. The place where I went as a kid and early adulthood is gone and replaced by a cash machine. Will I continue to go ,the answer is yes but less and less frequently and spending less cause I am getting less. Disney has made it clear they don't want the people who go...
  13. mikeanabean

    anyone ever get compped free fast passes?

    Yes, a couple of time actually . The most recent one was when our room was ”SWATed” @3am. That was a very scary experience The manager gave us tickets and ultimate fast passes for the next day.
  14. mikeanabean

    Rumor My Genie Conclusions - The Future of WDW’s Ticketing

    This is super sad when this becomes active. I will not pay extra on top of park admission to go on a ride.
  15. mikeanabean

    The Tipping Point For Change

    Next year will be our first trip back since covid but we are have to stay elsewhere off site due to the cost. We are also pairing down everything in order to actually go. We used to pass holders and go a couple times a year but the tipping point for us was a couple of years ago. Disney does not...
  16. mikeanabean

    What would it take for you to NOT go back?

    Cost for us is a huge factor and the constant pixarifcation of the resorts/ rides is another. Disney obviously wants a much more affluent clientele than we are a part of so that is starting to make us think we are not very welcome there anymore.
  17. mikeanabean

    Dinolands Days Are Numbered

    My money is either on Wakanda (as long as licensing allows it), Indy land or possibly zootopia.
  18. mikeanabean

    What if.... Gm is on its way out.....

    With the pixarication of Epcot my money is on a Cars themed ride IF GM leaves and that a big if.
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