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  1. disneygeek90

    Premium Membership

    Hey Steve @wdwmagic. I sent a message as well but can you help see what’s going on with my account? I’m cool if I accidentally paid for 14 months just wanna make sure that’s the case! I blame my 1am panic realization that I lost the yellow PM Banner.
  2. disneygeek90

    Trip Report The Never Ending Trip Report- From a Local

    Hi All! I have flipped through many trip reports over the years but have never contributed any of my own. A little background on me: I grew up in Ohio and have lived in Florida since October 2006. I jumped at the chance for my dad to accept a job offer in Florida while I was still in high...
  3. disneygeek90

    Florida resident gold pass?

    I tried to renew my dads Florida resident gold pass and it says it’s “no longer an option”. I read about the price increases and it mentions gold pass was raised $30, not removed entirely. Is this a glitch in the app??
  4. disneygeek90

    YOUR 2017 Year in Review

    Being my first full year in living in Orlando, I kept track of every theme park I entered this year I think it’s safe to say I get my money’s worth. While some days were a 12 hour affair and others only a couple hours, they all still count. Days I entered a theme park in 2017: 77 (21% of...
  5. disneygeek90

    Bought the wrong AP?

    I was trying to buy Florida resident AP’s for the rest of my family, and afterward realized I bought the normal Seasonal Pass for them (non-res). I think the difference with all 3 tickets is about $75. Any chance Universal could correct this when we go to the window to have them pick the passes up?
  6. disneygeek90

    Normal wait times at Sea World?

    I haven’t been to Sea World since I lived in Ohio (at least 2005). I live about a mile and a half away currently and I got free tickets. I am planning on going tomorrow and literally know nothing. What are the normal ride lines like? How early should I be getting to the park? I see they have a...
  7. disneygeek90

    Pandora LE Magic Band

    There's been a Limited Edition Pandora Magic Band released today. Looks like it is on both Disney shopping apps currently and at least one shop in AK. I'm planning on seeing if they have it in Disney Springs tonight as I won't be able to make it to AK before it's early close. They look pretty...
  8. disneygeek90

    Brush fire near IDrive Apartments Looks like a fairly large brush fire has been developed near Disney area. I believe this is within a mile or so from the DCP apartments. Expect longer traffic delays if driving down I-4 and I-Drive.
  9. disneygeek90

    Bit the bullet and became an AP

    I’ve lived in Florida for 10 years and have had a Disney AP for all 10. I’ve gone to Universal maybe 2 or 3 days total in that span. However, I moved to Orlando for work last summer (I live about 2 miles from Sea World) and found myself a 10 minute drive from Universal. Once they started that 15...
  10. disneygeek90

    Tables in Wonderland for AP

    So for whatever reason I have never strongly looked into DD plans or TIW. I guess I always assumed they were for those that were spending a week or two with a hotel visit etc. I am an AP and now live about 15 mins away and am going once or twice a week. I'm assuming I would definitely get my...
  11. disneygeek90

    Hello from Florida

    Hey everyone. I've enjoyed lurking through here now and then but I decided I would say hi. I've been an annual passholder since my family moved to Florida in 2006. Before then we made our typical Spring Break trip down to the parks every year pretty consistently. Over the past couple years I've...
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