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  1. crxbrett

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    I'm on-board! But only if Mr. Furley, Larry, Jack, Chrissy and Janet all show up!
  2. crxbrett

    Guest injured on Typhoon Lagoon Attraction

    I went to TL the 2nd week of September and he was also working that day as well. I enjoyed the ride and think it's really fun and well themed. Hope the man is recovering okay, regardless who or what was at fault.
  3. crxbrett

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I don't think Redwoods would survive in the Florida heat. They would love the rain and humidity, but they really only thrive in about 50-80 degree weather. Also, the ph in Florida's soil is probably not suitable for a Redwood. Could Disney actually 'plant' a few fake palms? Cell phone towers...
  4. crxbrett

    Which Splash Mountain song do you love most?

    I did not get a chance to experience it until it was about a month old, so cannot say myself. But from all accounts that I have read or heard, "Sooner or Later" was only used during the soft opening testing phase. Once it opened officially in July, it was "Burrows Lament/Laughin' Place" played...
  5. crxbrett

    Which Splash Mountain song do you love most?

    I love that movie! And the funny thing is, that song always resembled the Song of the South/Splash Mtn song to me. The notes might be different, but the tempo and structure of the "sooner or later" part especially always sounded very similar to me.
  6. crxbrett

    Flight of Passage Changes

    Yeah, the guy has very weird pauses and super awkward delivery of his lines and seems to stammer. It's just really bad acting overall. But I like to make fun of it when I see it, so it has kind of added to the fun of going on it now. At least for me lol He's still much better than the mission...
  7. crxbrett

    Canada pavilion CM complaint

    My response exactly. Hahahaha Sounds like it was a real hoot in here!
  8. crxbrett

    Which Splash Mountain song do you love most?

    I went with the entire soundtrack as it is by far my favorite attraction at both US parks. I prefer the Florida version more, music score included. If I had to choose just 1 song though, it would be 'How Do You Do?' without question. The entire soundtrack gets me smiling and singing, but that...
  9. crxbrett

    Tower of Terror has been getting into an even worse shape

    Hahaha Yes, this should definitely be after Galaxy's Edge AND the Runaway Railway open of course. Geeez, if they shut Tower or Terror down for a 2-4 month refurb now, the Studios would be quarter-day park just like you said. Thankfully, I don't think Disney would even think twice about doing...
  10. crxbrett

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    Agreed. But I actually thought Woody's was halfway okay the 2 times I went there.
  11. crxbrett

    Canada pavilion CM complaint

    Most of us have waited for a Spaceship... Spaceship Earth!
  12. crxbrett

    Cigar Store Indian - Main Street

    Classic episode! The whole bit about taking gifts back and selling back game tickets without offending her was hilarious! :hilarious::joyfull:
  13. crxbrett

    Tower of Terror has been getting into an even worse shape

    Yeah, that would work! I mean, it's Disney. They can surely come up with something that looks great and can fool most guests with an optical illusion or effect that looks real. Obviously it's not something they felt was important enough to update. But it's those little things that always made...
  14. crxbrett

    Tower of Terror has been getting into an even worse shape

    I still wish Disney could come up with a solution to bring this back. Maybe place a metal screen that's somehow invisible to guests below and above any trees to keep the sparks from igniting the foliage/greens? That was the reason the effect stopped, correct?
  15. crxbrett

    Tower of Terror has been getting into an even worse shape

    So what you're saying is that there might be a couple of things that need fixing? :happy: In all seriousness though, that's pretty nuts there is that much that needs to be fixed/corrected.
  16. crxbrett

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Holy...that pot roast looks mouth-watering!
  17. crxbrett

    Are you a 'waver'?

    I always do this on IASW, too!
  18. crxbrett

    Are you a 'waver'?

    I constantly wave. Usually when I am on an attraction while others are in line or vice-versa. I will always wave when woven to by CMs or other guests. I think my fav places to wave are on the Railroad, the PeopleMover, Tom Sawyer's Island, the Liberty Belle, Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder. And I...
  19. crxbrett

    No more live actors in ROL

    Yep, it's a vicious cycle that is hard to stop once set into motion.
  20. crxbrett

    AKL Pool Refurb

    Oh wow. That's kind of cool! Although I have always kind of disliked sand bottomed pools compared to plaster/coated pools. They always feel more dirty to me and make me feel like I was just swimming at a lake or the beach - sand all over. I usually prefer a regular, good ol' fashioned cement...
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