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  1. RickP330

    Moonlight magic registration dates for DAK

    Hello All, Just wondering when the registration for these events will take place? We have reservations over the July date and I want to make sure we don't miss the booking opportunity. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Rick
  2. RickP330

    Florida Legislators Want To Remove The Reedy Creek Improvement District

    Bottom line, Chapek fouled this up. He should resign. RP
  3. RickP330

    Touring Plans?

    Do you have an ADR which is not at an optimum time or date? Use the Reservation finder and let it work for you in the background. RP
  4. RickP330

    7 Days of Parks, how to assign the 7 days?

    Farmer Bill, Can you tell us a little more? First time? Multiple time visitor? Where are you staying? I love Touring plans. A big help in planning. RP PS: I think you can hold off on buying Genie plus until the morning of with no penalty. Please check to be sure...
  5. RickP330

    Park Planning

    It's been since 2013 I've been a member, and I renewed and still not disappointed. It seems to be getting a bit dated but still a value at $17. Glad I renewed. I would not hesitate, but I thin they catch up on Genie plus..... RP
  6. RickP330

    Short March trip coming up / willing to change it up a little!

    Hello All, We have a march trip planned for DW and I. We think we have it panned very well, but how would you change it? Curious to hear your options!!!! Change our minds!!! Thursday arrive at 10am. Rent car and reservations at RR tower room (really excited to try that) MK park reservation...
  7. RickP330

    Touring Plans?

    I've been a member since 2013. We are DVC and AP members. I still find a use for it, and for $17 it's the best value still. I hope with Genie plus they update it a little, but even for our trip in March it still paid for itself. Go ahead and sign up for it. it's a great planning tool. Even...
  8. RickP330

    Has it really been 12 years since our last visit

    Just our opinion, but rent a car if you still can. 21 days is a long time. Perhaps you could Rent a car for the for first few days and the and turn it in locally at WDW. Perhaps rent it for the last few days before you return to the airport. Just our .02 cents. Rick
  9. RickP330

    ADR's for Trader Sams

    That's not what I was asking. I had heard there was / or was going to be a way to get on the entry list for TSGG remotely without standing on line for an hour to do so. That's all I was trying to find out about. RP
  10. RickP330

    ADR's for Trader Sams

    I think I heard it on all ears or DFB. What TS groups? Facebook? RP
  11. RickP330

    ADR's for Trader Sams

    Thanks Guys, I well know how to get inside. Been inside several times. I thought I heard you will soon be able to make a traditional ADR on the app so there would be no need to stand for an hour on line. Anyone have any info on this? RP
  12. RickP330

    ADR's for Trader Sams

    Just curious, I heard something about making ADR's for trader Sam's. Is this something that is going to happen? RP
  13. RickP330

    Park Planning

    Undercover Tourist Crowd calculator is Okay, but it won't give you detailed park crowd levels - just overall levels and best and worst park days.... Better than nothing - might still go for the touring plans for their calculator - tomorrow is 60 days ADR time! RP
  14. RickP330

    Park Planning

    Thanks, We thought so too. So what would be the two least crowded parks on the weekend? I think AK would be one, but the other? RP
  15. RickP330

    Park Planning

    Hello all, Normally I would just use the Touring plans website, but our subscription has lapsed. I'd just renew it, but wondering if perhaps there is something new and improved out there especially with the Genie apps now in service. We have a getaway weekend planned for Thursday 3/10/22...
  16. RickP330

    Fireworks cruise tipping

    We had two families on board this week and we both tipped $20 each so $40 total, but he was amazing. We were the front boat for the EWP and MK fireworks. RP
  17. RickP330

    Be Our Guest or Skipper Canteen for dinner?

    I do believe you are correct!
  18. RickP330

    Grocery Delivery

    I hope so, we are placing an order with them for this trip!
  19. RickP330

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    8 days to go!!!! Single digits!!!
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